My Valentine's Day WAS SPECIAL

It was like no other Valentine's Day since I've been with the Pres..and that's a long time!

Waking at 4:40 am, I made my coffee as always, turned on the local weather/news and got comfy on the couch.  Of course, while the coffee was brewing, I had peeked at the temp outside and saw -8.  Good thing it's nice and warm in here I thought taking my first sip.   Of course, the local weatherman was talking about the wind chills making that -8 feel like -30 and to stay inside.

Yep.  Warm, cozy, content and now cleaning up a few things in the kitchen, sudden'y the microwave beeped.  Uh-oh, power's out.  A minute later, it was back on.  A few minutes later, it was out.  This time it didn't come back on.  It was now 6:13 am.

Oh, it's Valentine's Day...let the man sleep, so I did.  An hour had passed and it was when my hands began getting chilled to the bone that I decided the heck with this Valentin'es Day stuff, I'm waking the old boy up!  So I did.

The grumbling, half naked man staggered out of the bedroom and into the bathroom dragging his clothes behind him like Linus.  Moments later he was out the door and around the back of the house to start the generator.

Hmmmm...I don't hear it, I thought, walking over to the kitchen window to see just what the Pres was doing out there.  There he was in his favorite, old cap and heavy flannel shirt, trying to get the darn thing started!!

Apparently the generator decided it wasn't going to matter what...even though he'd brought his big, red Dodge Diesel out to "jump start" hoping that would do the trick.

Nope!  The wires and valves were frozen.  It took nearly an hour to get the ting to begin chugging and I mean chugging...spitting, coughing, skipping...whatever you call it.  The Pres came in to thaw out his hands which were now numb.  But that wasn't the worst.

After the generator started and he disconnected the cables, parked the truck back in the garage and came in, he said kept holding his chest, telling me his heart felt "funny."  Honey, I need more of a description than just "funny."

Later when we thought about was the symptoms for hypothermia:

Body temperature, when discussing hypothermia, is usually termed "core" temperature. This temperature is the temperature measured inside the body. It's a measurement that is most accurately done by a rectal thermometer, a rectal probe thermometer that has a constant temperature readout or by a bladder or esophageal temperature device. Temperatures taken by other methods may not adequately measure core temperature.

What are the risk factors for hypothermia?

The highest risk factor for hypothermia is losing body heat due to exposure to cold weather or partial or complete immersion in cold water. Examples of include:
  • Not dressing appropriately for cold weather
Other risk factors for hypothermia include:
  • The young and elderly because their bodies do not have the ability to regulate body temperature efficiently.

What body parts are more susceptible to hypothermia?

The body parts most susceptible to injury in patients with hypothermia are those that may suffer from poor circulation or often have the least protection from the cold environment (feet, hands, nose and ears). These extremities usually cool faster than the body's core. The internal organ most susceptible to hypothermia is the heart (dysrhythmias).

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, I hope the Pres is warmed up and feeling ok now! I am tired of this cold snowy weather we are having.. Time for spring! Take care and stay warm! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!
Susie said…
Oh I am send some warm hugs for you and the Pres. I thought sure when I saw the picture of your man on the ladder that he was messing with ice dams.. Thankful your sweetheart wasn't having a heart attack. Please take care of each other. Blessings to you both, xoxo,Susie
Donna said…
Oh my that was scary with temps that cold. Here we had similar cold weather and actual temps on the 14th of -22F without the wind chills. I finally convinced my husband to wear a hat when he had to go out to take care of our neighbor's dog.

and LivingFromHappiness
Anonymous said…
Oh no - hope he warmed up and felt better!
Anonymous said…
Oh no - hope he felt better soon!
We have no generator and when we lose power like in past ice storms, we simply freeze. We have a fireplace insert, but hardly ever use it as I am allergic to molds and mildews that can come in on the old logs. Even on a good day, they husband turns the heat down to 48 before going to bed and it is something that we have had words over in the past and I give up on. I dress in many layers and still my toes get Chilblains and I can only hope I survive each Winter once again as these bones grow older~
MadSnapper said…
i can tell by the photo he was not dressed for negative temps at all. he is really blessed he did not end up in ER.. that would be scary. and when frozen like he was it is not good to get to warm to fast, or so i have read... i am glad he is ok. i figure he is, or you would have said he was not. i hope you never have another valentine day like that one...
podso said…
That is a Valentine's Day to remember. Glad he is ok.
Larry said…
That is scary-glad to hear things are still okay up in the quiet corner!
Ann said…
With wind chills that low he definitely needed some more layers. Why do things always pick the coldest day of the year to not work. Hope he felt better real quick
Oh, that wasn't a nice day at all - hope the coffee got brewed at least. Our daughter who lives in the far north of Ontario said her car didn't start yesterday and it has every other winter. Guess it was a day for freezing your knickers and mechanical things not working.
Your poor hubby, hope he got warmed up and felt better.
Gayle said…
Having a weather related job for many years, and being an ice fisherman, the RG is very conscious of his outdoor gear in all seasons. Me on the other hand; bare or stocking feet to the garbage can year round. (and I hear about it ;)
Glad it all turned out well.
Nora said…
Hope you are all warmer now! I hope for an earl spring and much warmer weather.
I hope your husband is feeling better now and warmed up again. Not something to take lightly when you start to feel the effects of the cold. We had a very cold weekend here too, but it's warming up now (-10C today).
Stewart M said…
Wow - well thats not one you will forget in a hurry! We are more likely to have the power go off in the summer, when bush fires can damage the main lines.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Sylvia said…
JP, Well, that was something. I'm so glad your husband is okay! Be warm and happy. Sylvia D.
Hope the Pres is feeling better and you as well, JP. How frustrating to have a generator and then have it freeze up due to the cold temps. We also had a very cold weekend here in NH and found out that one of our car batteries died, but luckily we were able to jump start with the other car and now are good for 6 years with a new one.
Sally Wessely said…
Oh my goodness! That is really scary. I can just imagine the Pres being out there and concentrating on the job at hand and not thinking about how cold he might be. I actually got frostbite (very light care of it) on my hands in high school. To this day, my hands hurt when they get cold. I'm glad he came in when he did.

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