Resident Plumbers

Although they are not available for hire, "the two resident plumbers" certainly made my day a little dryer. Since I've been in Spring cleaning mode lately, I decide to clean under the kitchen sink. I began the process like anyone else...taking out everything and setting it on old towels I'd spread on the floor next to me.

I hadn't removed too much when I noticed that the covers on some of the products were wet. The Pres and Luke were watching a movie...Hidalgo...since Luke had never seen it. "Honey, we have some water spots on the press-board under this cabinet."

"What cabinet? What are you talking about? 
 Are you sure you didn't spill something?" said the Pres as he followed Luke into the kitchen. 

"Oh, that doesn't look good, JP. When was the last time you cleaned under there?" asked Luke.

I laughed really hard...which pretty much summed up my answer.

Anyway, within a few hours because of a trip to get "plumbers putty" and a boot tray that now holds all the products, the left side of the kitchen sink was back in tip top shape.

A few days later, Luke asked me if I had checked the drain and if it was leaking.

My answer? I laughed really hard, then said, "No, I have  faith in my resident plumbers. I don't need to check...they're local."

Sharing My Resident Plumbers with you and

Oh, one more thing.
Have you looked under your sink lately?


eileeninmd said…
Good morning, cleaning under the sink, I can not remember the last time I clean there. LOL!

I am glad you have resident plumbers there. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!
Unknown said…
of all things needed to maintain a home I would pick resident plumbers. A great story. I watched that movie too and loved it.
Susie said…
Gaaa under the sink for crying in a bucket. :):) Glad you had plumbers there. :) Your own plumbers is even better. I just went thru something similar. Got a new faucet for Christmas and there was just a bit of dampness. Ted fixed it ..he's a pipe fitter by trade. Of course we work together, cause many hands make light work. Loved your answer about trusting your plumbers. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
Snap said…
I giggled reading your post. I have indeed cleaned out under the kitchen sink ... in time for the plumber to come and install the new garbage disposal! I don't have resident lucky girl!
Oh dear - not a welcome surprise!
I don't frequent the under sink cupboard either - never know what one could discover!
However I had to do it recently as we had friends to stay - it's all ticketyboo - for now!
Spring cleaning is definitely a sign that Spring is close ha ha!
Anonymous said… I haven't! This is a very fun post, especially the photos of the plumbers under and beside the sink! Glad they didn't show any crack!
Pondside said…
I have a very good resident plumber too!
Just yesterday I pulled everything our from under the sink for a good clean-out. I am not about to admit when it last happened though!
Ann said…
you're a lucky lady with not one but two resident plumbers. If I were to mention something like this here, I would hear the phrase "well that's not going to be cheap to fix" and it would stay broken.
Nora said…
Come over and clean up under my sink! I always worry about something leaking somewhere in this old house.
Lorrie said…

Oh, this post was good timing. I just cleaned out under the sink last week! (after a long, long while of not) Your resident plumber story is a good one!
I'm always worried about water leaking anywhere in the house, so I actually keep my cupboard under the kitchen sink quite clear so I'm able to spot any puddles. Good thing you got the leak fixed up. Your plumbers look like they're enjoying their time in your sunny kitchen ;)
As it happens, I do need to look under my kitchen sink and clear out and tidy up. I have a dishwasher that needs repair and need to call someone to look at it, so had better give the person access to the pipes!

Enjoy your week, drip free.

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