Time For Thought

This photo was taken while the the Pres and I were in Newport spending time with my daughter and Angel.  Jennifer and I were behind "the boys" and, as you can see, it had rained the day before.
I love this photo.

There's a lot to think about in Newport.


Susie said…
Looks like the fellows are in deep thought already. I like the reflection. Have a fun weekend. We are going to have some nice weather. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
This is a beautiful photo...very simple and serene. My favorite.

Thanks for a great comment today. I think you and I are used to getting the 'muck around' sort of boots! lol. My Hunters are indispensable, especially at the lake. Best investment I ever made. And I have snow boots, too, as the Hunters aren't very warm unless you have heavy socks and the inserts. See! I know my boots girl!!

Jane x
Ann said…
That is an awesome photo. Not only the composition but the reflection in the puddle
MadSnapper said…
great shot and it looks like they had a lot of rain to fill up that road
Dragonstar said…
I love the sense of quiet, and those great reflections!
James said…
What a wonderful photo!
RobertN said…
Beautiful shot.

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