A Gated Community

We all know what that expression means.  Well, lets put it this way, we all have our own perception of what it means.  In fact, I even Googled it for you...

Gated community - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



In its modern form, a gated community (or walled community) is a form of residential community or housing estate containing strictly controlled entrances for ...

US, of course!

Watching the tiny green hairs of grass grow under all that hay, I asked the Pres if he could possibly put in the gate I've been asking him to build near the feeders.  

So, little by little, parts of the wire fencing came down and was replaced by a beautiful wooden gate.

And while he built, I wandered around the yard and realized he has really created

a gated community.

There's a double gate around the back near the garage which the Pres made wide enough for equipment (like the backhoe/grader) to pass through.

Then there's another double gate along with a single gate for the access to side yard.

Then we've got the front gate right off the driveway.

And another double gate that accesses the front yard which is where the septic and leeching fields are.

Well, the next project (although I cannot tell you when it will happen) is to begin chipping away a small area "into the woods."

Do you think the Pres should change his name to Bill Gates?

"just saying and sharing..."

Good Fences

And just so you don't get tired of looking at our fences, here's a looker that I discovered recently.


eileeninmd said…
Hello, your "Pres" is handy dandy. Your fence and gate look great. I love the goose on the gate, looks awesome. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!
MadSnapper said…
. I love your gated community. Wonderful so beautiful and I love that pantry by the fence
Inger said…
You have a smart and good man there. And a beautiful place behing the gates and fences.
Terra said…
Bill Gates, ha ha, yes, a name change might be in order.
Susie said…
JP, I love fences.. So you have to have gates. :):) Good of your man to get that done. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Ann said…
Awesome, your own private gated community. I'm thinking maybe one Bill Gates in the world is enough but if the Pres really wants to change his name....lol
Larry said…
Looks great! Nice viewing area for watching the birdies!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, that's awesome! best gated community i've EVER seen! bill gates...hahahahaha!
Lady Fi said…
Your huge plot of land and gates look good!
Ida said…
I think your fences are just fine and it's so nice to have gates to go in an out of like that. Pretty color for the new gate. - The new fence you showed at the end was lovely as well.
Aritha said…
Whahaaa, Bill Gates. That's so funny! I like your fences. They are great. The wooden goose on the fence is surprising. Or is it a duck? Happy Friday!
LV said…
Hard work and patience paid off. A great job and looks so nice.

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