Bringing Home Souvenirs

The first nine days of vacation were great! We sat by the pool, had an afternoon "beverage" (or two) every day, snorkeled in the beautiful blue, clear saltwater and ate well (both out and in). After walking each morning for an hour, I visited the Butterfly Farm to check on

the owners (who are from the states),

 the Atlas Moth,

the Native Milkweed Plants
and the Monarch caterpillars, of course, 

the incubation boxes that hold the chrysalis' of all the moths and butterfly species

as well as stopping by the Bird Sanctuary almost daily. It was WONDERFUL! 

It wasn't all pleasant though.  Sleeping was rough. First of all, in our first room, the mattress was so flipping hard, it felt like we were sleeping on a wooden floor covered with a sheet!! My hip bones hurt when I was on my side.  Although we only stayed in that room for a few days, it was horrible for both of us but worse for me because of the Pres' snoring!

 I wish I had recorded one night for you so you would understand. 

Anyway, aside from not getting a good nights sleep, all was well until day ten when I woke up with a clogged ear. Quite honestly I thought it was water in my ear from all the swimming at the beach and the snorkeling at Baby Beach.

The one good thing that did come out of it was that I discovered that if I slept on the clogged ear and put a pillow over my head blocking the good ear, I was able to get well needed sleep! And that's just what I did the last five nights.

 Now this next part is kind of gross so if you have a squeamish stomach, stop reading the post.  

Once home, I went to the pharmacist asking him to recommend something since I had no pain, no dizziness and no fever. He recommended  an ear irrigation kit. All I can tell you is that when I began flushing out my ear that day. There was tons....and I mean tons...of wax...
 and sand...granules of sand...lots of sand!!

I was then able to hear hear with both ears and am now sleeping soundly in my room while the Pres sleeps in his room snoring away.  Did you know that there are a lot of married couples that sleep in separate bedrooms?   I never knew that until I talked to my doctor about it.  Apparently, it's all about taking care of yourself, realizing how important sleep is and feeling secure enough to know that your spouse still cares.  

Bottom line is this:
bringing home souvenirs (like SAND)
can be deafening,
reflecting on all the good times in the SUN is all worth it.

just saying and sharing...

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Weekend Reflections


Nothing wrong with protecting your sleep. I am such a light sleeper I often prefer to sleep alone... Otherwise I just don't sleep. I get it from my dad... He's the same way. Love the butterfly pics.
Joyful said…
Wow! I've never heard of so much sand and wax in the ear. So glad you got it all out as I've never even heard of the kit you used to help you. I'm all for getting sleep and protecting it. the photos from you holiday look lovely.
Great reflection shot in the glasses and I love the first shot of the Moth. Have a wonderful weekend.
Irma said…
Beautiful pictures especially the butterfly is superb.
The reflection in the glasses is superb.
Good sleep is important, it is true many couples sleep separately, also we do.
My husband snores, even the doctors say that it is better to sleep separately, especially if you're a little older.
Best regards, Irma
Debbie said…
Did you spot the caterpillar in image number two, almost out of sight? I LOVE butterfly houses, I dream of owning and running one!! The reflection image is dreamy!!
MadSnapper said…
when i mentioned sleeping in the other room to bob he went off like a fire cracker and said if i wanted to sleep alone i would no be married. but it was not because he snores, but because i toss and flip and turn and wake him up... i was offereing to sleep in the other room so i did not wake him up. he snores slightly but not enough to bother me and also i snore but he is deaf without hearing aids.. i think sep rooms is a good thing .
i love that moth pic and yowsa on the ear clog.. i wonder why the doc did not flush it. my friend went and hers was clogged and he did it.
James said…
The water looks beautiful and inviting and I love the reflection photo!

I know all about sleeping in separate rooms. :-) My wife always brings earplugs and a white noise app for her i-phone when we stay at hotels. Together the app and earplugs do the trick.
betty-NZ said…
How great to be able to visit the butterfly house so often. I would spend a lot of time there, too!

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