Lots...I Mean Pots...of Reflections

A few months ago, I decided to buy a NuWave PIC (precision induction cooktop).

I love it!

Primarily, I wanted it for it's convenience and portability. It came two frying pans, a 3.5 at stainless pan, strainer basket and lid and a second "burner."

It was when I began using it, the features really began to make me smile. Cooking with it is a breeze since it has multiple wattage settings in addition to the pre-sets which range from "low" through "max sear". It is and does function, just as advertised. Low means immediately "low" and "Off" means off. It is great for melting chocolate and maintaining the creamy consistency needed for dipping strawberries too!

Yes, there's a story.
It's me, so, of course, there's a story!!

The first time I used it, I was boiling the chicken I give Moon and Copper.

Chicken in pan.
Water in pan.
Hit "Med High".
Waited...and waited...and waited.
Couldn't figure out why the water/chicken wasn't doing anything.
Telling the Pres that the thing was a dud, I took out the QRG (quick reference guide). It wasn't the dud. I was.

I never hit the "START" button.

Oh, one more thing. It makes great omelettes,

"just saying and sharing..."


Betty said…
I was waiting the other day for something to get done in the toaster oven. Unfortunately, I had never plugged it in!
James said…
Yummy food and reflections! That's what I call the good life.
Linda said…
Don't you just love how fast water boils? I love my Bosch induction cooktop ( 5 pits) that we installed 10 years ago when we built this house. And so easy to clean❣Welcome to the happy few who must remember to press START to get heat. Safer cooking. Linda@Wetcreek Blog
If we only had countertop space in our apt galley kitchen . . . this cooktop would be a great way to prepare meals quickly. And, yes sometimes I have forgotten to turn something on or to plug it in!

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