The Locals Let Go

Letting go is hard.  Letting go takes love.  

We've all heard those expressions and know how they relate to everyday life, right?


I've been spotting a lot of Herons while I've been running errands lately.

it would be pretty cool to see a nest, don't you think? 
 Now, I just have to remember where I've seen them so I can go back to see what they're up to once in a while.

They, like us, seem to be more relaxed as they wade the shoreline. That's my favorite place when I kayak...drifting along the shorelines and just letting go

'just saying and sharing..."

However, I've also been listening to the conversations and watching these too...
dodging Hawks and 

(are you ready?)

letting go in mid air!!!
(and you know what I mean by letting go, right?)
When was the last time you saw an Eagle let go in mid-air?

Well, I saw it happen...right over my yard.
I think they saw how hard we worked and were helping us fertilize...:)
Gosh, isn't life grand?!


Gloria said…
We have herons here where I live also, they live in a marsh nearby and we see them flying overhead. I have a bunch of photos I will post. They are very cool birds.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, love the herons and the eagles. It would be nice to see the heron's nest. Great photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
MadSnapper said…
stunning photos of the eagle... do you mean let go as in what happened to you in your new rain gear?
Susie said…
I see heron in the town south of here...there' plenty of water there. :) I like seeing them. I enjoyed your pictures so much. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Ann said…
WOW, those pictures of the eagles are fabulous. How kind of them to fertilize for you :)
Gayle said…
I am enamored with the herons this spring. The RG tells me their rookeries are often several miles away from the lake shoreline.
I've been missing the blue herons at the lake since we've been gone. The closest they came was to land on the top of our store station. It's warm, I guess. Or high up. I don't have a zoom day, I hope.

Your eagle pics are extraordinary!

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NCSue said…
Marvelous photos... especially of the eagle.
Thanks for sharing at
Gail said…
Your photos are grand, too.

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