When I scooted out last week to go shopping, I got myself a great deal.  On my way to Target, I stopped at Ocean State Job Lot to look for a particular kind of annual seed.  Did they have the seed?  No.  However...(there's that word again and you know what that means, right?...another story.

 as I wandered around the store, I found rain-wear in the Men's Department!  There I stood in the isle sliding the pants up and over my capris to see if the fit and were long enough.  Stepping into the elastic waist, pull on, charcoal gray men's rain pants which had elastic at the cuffs as well as a nice Velcro tab to tighten even further, which is totally what I need when I tuck the pants in my boots.  (This time of the year, regardless of how warm it is, I always try to "tick-proof, bug-proof" myself if I'm in the woods.)  Once I tried on the jacket, excited about my bargains, I headed to the registers!

So now we have to fast forward to the crux of this post so forget Target...forget the seeds.  

Two days later it was raining and time for me to be in the woods.  Putting on my new "Waterproof...Windproof" pants and carefully tucking them securely in my boots, I placed my camo cap sprayed with Off on my head, put on my new jacket and headed out the door.

Yes, my mission was successful.

  Yes, I saw the Eagles, observing them for nearly two hours as the rain fell (which will be another story).  Yes, my rain suit was indeed waterproof.    Yes, it was now time to walk home.    Feeling a little "gasy," as I climbed over the large, downed pine limbs, and without notice, a few you know whats slipped out, but I thought, "thank goodness I'm outside and no one is with me," continuing on the path.  

Once in the door, as I told the Pres about what transpired with the Eagles (and that will be another story) I removed my jacket.  Then, pulling down the elastic waist pants, the odor of "gas" hit me in the face.

The Pres and I agreed on something that day.
  My new pants are both "Waterproof and Windproof...
inside and out..."

"just saying and sharing..."
that you never know just how windproof something is, unless, of course, there's wind!

Our World Tuesday


Stewart M said…
One can never have too many jackets! Just one (or two) more and I will be set!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
eileeninmd said…
LOL! Funny story, waterproof and windproof. I have had enough of this rainy weather. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!
Oh too funny! Rain suits are so handy. I've had mine for about fifteen years.
MadSnapper said…
still laughing.. our loud... i am so glad you shared this, i don't own rain gear, but i have done the same thing a couple of times in not water proof pants. he he he
LV said…
I have had some strange tings happen over the years, but not anything compared to you.
Susie said…
JP, I had a good laugh, thank you. Glad you took precaution for ticks...they scare me. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Gail said…
Multi-purpose suit there. If you ever need to haul water...it could work.
Ann said…
oh my word, it's a good thing I wasn't drinking my coffee when I read this or my keyboard would have got a shower. That is hysterical.
FAB said…
JP ... that was priceless!!
Debbie said…
heheheheheh, OMG, what an awesome story, you are brave to share it here!! i do LOVE your sense of humor!!!

however, lot's of "blog material" here!!!!
Inger said…
That's funny! Congrats on your great buys though, gassy or not.
carol l mckenna said…
What a delightful story and glad to hear the eaglets are doing well ~ May you stay dry for a few days despite your new outfit ~ MA had rain, clouds and great days for a week and has been cold ~ starting to warm up a bit ~ gratefully ~

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
Pamela Gordon said…
Oh my goodness JP. I'm getting a great laugh out of your story and your new 'windproof' pants. Hahaha. Too funny!
Small Kucing said…
Hahaha. ..wind proofed inside out. It's so funny. Well, now we know that the coat is as good as advertised. Lol
joanna said…
Tell the company to place a charcoal filter inside the latest version of their trews :-)
I mean it. That works a treat. You could do it yourself even.
Before you build up so much gas that you fly away like a balloon :-)
By the way, the spraying of your cap with something intrigued me. Off - for what? Rain drops beading off?
I just noticed you left me a lovely comment on my blog and I never got round to visiting.
Ha ha ha. Charcoal filter comment is a good one. Hug B

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