Not Alone

As I began reading Red-tails In Love, the book that my friend Lisa sent me, I had no idea what to expect. It was on my TTD (things to do) list because it had been recommended by another friend who knows "how passionate I am about the Eagles."

Of course, if it wasn't for living in Virginia, my bird watching would not be what it is. It was while we lived there that I began to learn about some common backyard birds and their calls. Then, a few people at the gym I went to got me into a Bird Club. The Bird Club introduced me to hawk watching/migration counting on the Blue Rdige Parkway. It was that day in September when I participated in a migration count that I fell for raptors!

I have to be totally honest here. In Lisa's note that she sent, she told me she thought of me throughout the book. Reading her words made me smile and quite honestly, I thought she was merely being kind. That's how Lisa is.

However, as I read and continued to flip pages, it did remind me of me!! It was as if I was reading about myself and quite frequently became teary-eyed feeling proud that there was "someone else" that felt like I do.

And then, when I went to the presentation on "Falconry" and met MORE RAPTORS, one of the presenters who was about to introduce their Red-tail hawk, Patrick, began talking about Pale Male from Central Park! I got goosebumps and chills because I knew who she was talking about.

From the dedication "for Joe" and the prologue right down to the sketches and documentation of other wildlife species, I was hooked. In fact, this unforgettable book seems to have made me love "my passion" even more and when talking to people about it, I found that was not alone.


Read this book.
Read this book.

Read this book.

Read'll love it!
(Besides, then I definitely will not be alone)


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MadSnapper said…
i can feel your excitement about the book and of course your raptors flowing from the page... so glad she sent you the book and that it feeds your passion... everyone needs a passion and we know what yours is... enjoy
Ann said…
Yeah, what Sandra said :)

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