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The most important invention of the last two thousand years was hay. In the classical world of Greece and Rome and in all earlier times, there was no hay. Civilization could exist only in warm climates where horses could stay alive through the winter by grazing. Without grass in winter you could not have horses, and without horses you could not have urban civilization. Some time during the so-called dark ages, some unknown genius invented hay, forests were turned into meadows, hay was reaped and stored, and civilization moved north over the Alps. So hay gave birth to Vienna and Paris and London and Berlin, and later to Moscow and New York.
— Freeman Dyson, physicist

Did you know that?

I didn't.
  I know that we used to do it when I was growing up for feed for the horses and Angus.  And I'm sure a few bales were given to good friends when they needed it for their livestock.

Yet, it was the scene and the aroma that drew me in for a closer look as I was driving home from watching Mia last week.  It was just a perfect site at 6 pm.

While one field looked like this, the other field was "owner occupied."

So I parked my car,  watched and waited because in the front seat of that massive dump truck, I had noticed a small figure of a little boy.  I remember being allowed to ride on the equipment.  It made you feel special.

just saying and sharing...

Oh, one more thing, both he and his Dad waved to me as they drove out of the field.
However, I was too busy waving back to get a pic...:)


Ann said…
Nope I did not know that. I guess I've always taken grass and hay for granted :) I think one of my favorite sites is a big field filled with those big round bales of hay. I don't know what it is about it but I love the look of it
Gayle said…
News to me. The leading lines in the field are a great photo. Nice that you spied the little boy. We had a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer next door who was like a grandpa and teased the daylights out of me. He would put sacks on top of the chicken manure and let me ride to the field. Why do I now think the joke was on me, hmmm.
MadSnapper said…
I did not know this... i thought hay was always around from the beginning of time, just tall grass cut down by the people. live and learn and blogging is the way to do it. i would have stopped to for these pics
Susie said…
I love to see the piles of hay and alfalfa . Just yesterday I could see the black backs of cattle roaming thru tall grasses in one field and in the next they had made those big rolls of grass....no camera and I even forgot I had my new phone. DUH.. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
p.s. you know that little boy felt so proud.
Lady Fi said…
Hurray for hay! Lovely and lush photos.
Oh, there's nothing better than the smell of newly mown hay! I love to look for the fields that have been cut and fluffed in preparation for baling. Something about it soothing.
Rambling Woods said…
No, I didn't know that.... Interesting... Michelle

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