Super Sleuth

I should have known better than to believe him when the Pres told me that a chipmunk was trapped in the garage.  However, my rather nonchalant response was...

"Why?  What makes you say that, Honey?"

"Well, it must have been trapped inside.  It ate it's way out!  It chewed right through the rubber gasket at the bottom of the door!  Don't worry, I already cleaned up all the crap on the floor," he said reassuringly. 

I could tell that the Pres was NOT happy.  A damaged gasket meant another thing to fix.

And so it began...the plight to eliminate the rodent. 

One slight change in the story though.
  After I inspected the area in and around the chewed rubber, I reported my findings back to the Pres.  Call me super sleuth because it was I that discovered the culprit was not a chipmunk but rather a mouse!  Although the Pres missed it, the rodent had very apparently eaten almost a half a bird suet cake hence leaving "residue" behind (pardon the pun). 

Still the Pres did not believe me.  He insisted that it was a chipmunk! "Hon, go look at the shelf where the suet is.  There's mouse poops everywhere!," I insisted.  Coming back into the kitchen his response was, "Hmmm...maybe."

But I, Super Sleuth, KNOW MY POOP!!!

The next morning when the Pres got up, he told me that when he went into the garage the night before to get the Whipped Cream out of the spare refrigerator, he saw...drum roll please...


Big I was right again...LOL!

Now, once he "saw" that the culprit was a mouse, he headed to the store and bought:

a new rubber gasket for the garage door
two packages of spring loaded mouse traps
two packages sticky mouse traps

Then, are you ready?  
He wanted to immediately replace the gasket.

  Silly man, he actually though the darn thing was outside!!

Suggesting that until we had definitive proof that we "got"  the critter, we should simply stuff a rag to block the hole and not put the new gasket on, took a little convincing.  

He finally agreed.  The traps were baited, set and strategically laid out in the garage.  The rubber gasket's hole was stuffed with an old rag.

The following morning, while he slept, I went into the garage.  Knowing that animals are creatures of habit and heading right to the shelf where we keep the bird suet, I, super sleuth, found the dead mouse.

Oh, don't worry I don't have pix of the dead mouse.

  I thought that these would make you smile.

just saying and sharing...

Red Squirrel

Baby Flying Squirrel


LOL I've had squirrels get into my "squirrel proof" feeders, too, and have pictures to prove it.
Pamela Gordon said…
HI JP. Yes, mice can chew through anything (and so can squirrels and chipmunks) and we had the same thing happen with our garage door a few years ago. We keep traps set all the time out there as mice seem to come in all year around. We'll soon be getting new 'man' doors on the garage which will hopefully eliminate the gaping holes at the bottoms of them that the mice come in now. Cute picture of the baby flying squirrel. Is it alive? Enjoy the weekend. Pam
MadSnapper said…
i can't decide which is the cuter of these, the red or the baby in the hand. so cute
Susie said…
JP, Men and mice...gaaaa. My Ted has made me nuts this spring with mice. When the rain drove the ants inside and totally sent me thru the roof...well mice came too. I have caught 4 myself. I love the new black plastic pinch traps. So easy . I told Ted check every morning...if you see one in the trap, for heaven's sake put in a bag that goes out immediately....I swear he would live with pests and rodents and probably not say a thing unless they ate his snacks. LOL. The exterminator who took care of the ants said they had free traps for rodents...well golly gee whiz, Ted said No we don't need those...well guess again. I am calling that bug boy to our house and he can bring those mouse traps. LOL> Sorry I didn't mean to write a book. LOL. Blessing to you super sleuth. xoxo,, Susie
Meryl Baer said…
We had mice in our previous house. Hub set traps, caught mice (more than one), but they kept coming until I finally called the exterminators. They finally killed all the mice and closed the holes the animals climbed through to get in.
Sandra Cox said…
What a darling baby squirrel.
Glad the mouse had a quick death. I hate the sticky mouse traps.
Gayle said…
Chipmunks are a protected specie in our area. But, uh, Lucy didn't get the memo.
Ann said…
mice should be warned that bird suet addiction can be deadly :)
jabblog said…
Men's listening apparatus doesn't always seem to be switched on, does it?

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