That Morning

Planning on having an over easy egg on grits that morning did not work out.

Planning on putting Moon and Copper outside while I vacuumed that morning did not work out.

Planning on showering early that day so I could head to the Firehouse to vote did not work out.

Planning on blogging that day upon my return from errands did not work out.

That day became an unplanned day, all because we lost power and I didn't start the generator.  I opted not to start the generator.  It became a lazy day doing housework the "old fashioned" way and a rather busy, productive day in the yard and gardens.

It was lighter outside and besides, someone had to watch the grass grow.

  Taking on the responsibility, the three of us...Moon, Copper and myself...stepped to the plate.

(Did you notice how well our grass came in?!?!...:)

By the time the sun showed up that morning, we were pooped and by the time the Pres came home from working the polls, the power was on and things were back to normal.

Of course, while we had no power, our solar panels could not be productive either. 

 However, let me give you an update on our electric bills since we installed the solar.

Feb-Mar $40.47
Mar-Apr $19.25
Apr-May $19.25
May-Jun  $19.25

All those sunny days have proven to be "money in the bank" because as of our last bill we have a hefty surplus in "the bank."  All those kilowatts can be used this Fall and Winter.

Oh, and one more thing.  Our "carbon offset" is 4.04 tons and we have offset the equivalent of 104 trees, according to the U.S. EPA Clean Energy Calculator.  Going green was worth it!

just saying and sharing...


Ann said…
wow, a $19 electric bill. That would be wonderful.
Love the format for writing this post...had me intrigued! Amazing how we shut down with electricity. Glad you were productive during and after. As for planning? Mine gets washed up all the time with or without electricity interruptions! ;-D

Gayle said…
housework the old fashioned way--- :)
Donna said…
Love the update on the solar and lovely garden blooms....

Visiting from nature Notes

and livingFromHappiness
Betty said…
That's impressive. Do you ever have to run the A/C?
betty-NZ said…
What a great choice you made going solar! Those 'bills' are fantastic. It is amazing what you can find to do without electronics and electricity. More people need to unplug to find out what's going on in their world.
Rambling Woods said…
Wow..that is really wonderful and so much benefit to you and the planet...Michelle

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