The Not So Perfect Day

Yesterday the weather was going to be perfect.  Deciding that I would blow off the gym and spend some time outdoors...alone...quietly, I packed my gear quietly while the Pres slept.  Yes, yesterday was the perfect day for kayaking.

Destination...a relatively small pond (from the research I'd done)...only about twenty minutes away.  This year, I'm feeling adventuresome and discovering new places and once I've been there, I draw an "X" through the page of my kayaking book.

Following the road into the dense woods in "the middle of nowhere," I noticed that the well-worn (to put it mildly) gravel road had to be navigated carefully to avoid the large protruding rocks and deep holes.  But I made it to what I resembled a parking area...a parking area that would hold about three cars.

Skeptical initially, I quickly changed my mind after checking out the "boat launch" (a well-worn path down to the water's edge), I decided it would be the PERFECT place for solitude and serenity as the chirping of the birds filled the air and the distant bird boxes looked so inviting.

when I was about half way across, the slam of a car door interrupted the sounds of Nature. 

 Turning toward shore, there stood a fisherman, who nodded and waved.  Acknowledging him, I continued to paddle to the small cove up ahead.

Shortly after that, the subdued "hum" of an engine behind me drew my attention.  More fishermen.

Continuing on around the northern shore, I discovered more fisherman "humming" around in their olive green, well-equipped boat with ten fishing lines secured to the sides.  That's what did me in.

just saying and sharing...

It turned out to be the not so perfect day.


eileeninmd said…
Hello, it is a pretty spot. So it turned out to be a crowded spot, not so peaceful. Cool shot of the vulture. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!
Susie said…
JP, I have seen many kayakers lately. Too bad it wasn't more private there. Could those buzzards get any uglier? We see them around here all the time. I saw 6 flying down the road yesterday. Blessings, be safe honey. xoxo, Susie
MadSnapper said…
it is pretty, as is that red head in the tree... ha ha on that one...

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