The Wood-chipper

Not having zoomer with me was a mistake. I know that now.
However, this is not about mistakes.  This is about...

One morning while gazing out the window in the direction of trellis (aka "the baseball scoreboard") and our old wood bench, I noticed movement of some sort.  Sure enough, something was down there busily tossing wood chips through the air.

Having been there since we moved in, the old tree trunk, aging and deteriorating at its own pace, had become part of the landscape.  Although the Pres had asked me frequently if I wanted him to remove it, I thought it made a nice backdrop for the Daffodils and Tet-a-Tet's in the Spring. Beside, my rabbits looked so cute gathered around it once the ferns opened.

So, as I was saying, all was well with the old decrepit log until the other day. The resident Pileated Woodpecker must have sensed a good meal in it because when I looked out the window, there it was making wood chips!

Chipping away like mad, it never even stopped to look at me other than this one shot. Wood chips were literally flying everywhere!!

What was once an rather distinguished looking, aging tree trunk was turned into this in mere minutes.

So, while many people rent wood chippers from their local hardware store, we are fortunate to have one that lives close by...right here in the woods.
See what I mean?

"just saying and sharing..."

Natures Notes

Oh, one more thing.
You did know that leaving logs of this sort make lots of critters happy, right?


eileeninmd said…
Hello, those are the kind of wood chippers I like. Great sighting of the Pileated Woodie. Have a happy day and week ahead!
Unknown said…
Great pictures of the woodpecker! Beautiful looking bird!
MadSnapper said…
HE HE HE... love it. a live wood chipper. we had one that ate the log that my staghorn was attached to. had to replace the log. i just read a book a couple of weeks ago, about a serial killer who put his victims in a wood chipper... can you imagine what i thought when your title popped up? i can tell you the word woodpecker was not it
Ann said…
oh my, that is one busy woodpecker. He must be the super charged
Inger said…
A hard-working critter to help you out.
Rambling Woods said…
IWOW! I know we have one here, but I have yet to get a photo. I hear it and see it flying, but no photos...Michelle
Awwww...this is a precious post! What a cutie he is. We had a woodpecker for years outside our bedroom window. I could barely hear it with my deafness but hubby could. I tried so hard to get a glimpse but that oak scraped the skies.

Good for you!

Adam Jones said…
Lovely Woodpecker!
Sylvia said…
JP, That little wood chipper was very busy. He must have an amazing beak to make chips of a log like that. I understand the log had been there some time but it's kind of mind blowing how he just made chips of most of it. Hunger is a motivator. Thanks for sharing Sylvia D.
Neil said…
That woodpecker sure made short work of that wood.
I'll take a Pileated woodchipper any day! Thanks for sharing!
Florence said…
What a lovely sight! Beautiful wood chipper! Amazing what we can see when we pay attention.

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