It Just Takes Time

Although it may be difficult for you to see the tracks left by the ATV when the Pres made his way through the woods, his "first pass" was a success. The Japanese Barberry and other invasive species are dying! After I took a few pix and talked to the Pres, he assured me he will hit them again...and again...and again.  

We don't want to eradicate the ferns as we have such a variety but some of them were impacted.  However, when I attended a presentation, I learned about the hundreds and thousands of spores ferns have, so I am confident that those that do get damaged will be replaced.

The Pres drove right into all that thick Barberry and Multi-flora Rose and literally attacked it with a concoction.  However, it is within the confines of the fence where I yank and pull whenever I spot new pieces of the Bittersweet sprouting.  Just when I seem to have it under control, new sprouts appear.  

I'd been told that continual and constant control will eventually get rid of any invasive. That has proven true for the Japanese Barberry that was within the confines of our fence when we moved in.  That was nearly five years ago.  Hoping that the same vigilance will work for the Bittersweet, I keep on pulling.

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Susie said…
JP, Bittersweet is used as a decoration around Indiana. But I did see much of it on Martha's Vineyard and they said it is invasive. I hope you get rid of the things you do not's is a job to keep our places nice. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
MadSnapper said…
i love those ferns and yes they do keep coming bacck and coming and coming, i love them anyway
Ann said…
keep up the good work. I've got some vine stuff growing in my front yard that has choked out most of the flowers I had there. It's too bad I'm not good at keeping up with pulling
Rambling Woods said…
I really admire how hard you and hubby work to rid the area of invasives and to support native plants. It is a lot of work and I really thank you for doing it....Michelle

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