Let's Celebrate

I was wide awake and had a plan...a plan that I'd concocted the night before.  Knowing that the early morning sun warms the hearts of many, I was off.  It didn't matter that it was 6:40 am.  The sun was coming up which meant the Eagles would be basking on a branch.  Meanwhile, out like a light, the Pres' snoring filled the upstairs while Moon and Copper, who now had full bellies, were in their deep sleep downstairs.

My idea was simple and quite logical actually.  I would go into the woods early while one adult is away from the nesting vicinity, leaving me with only one adult.  I would not linger if the adult show signs of stress.  I would be gone by the time the mate returned.  Oh, in case you didn't know, you can tell by the pitch and sound of the cry emitted if they are feeling stressed or nervous.  Listen and observe.

Hoping that I could spot the Eagle chick branching (because it is already 9 weeks old), I dressed accordingly...tick proof pants tucked into my tall boots, my camo hat and shirt sprayed with bug spray.  Grabbing my camera, the folding stool and my weapon of choice...a small pair of pruners (for invasive species, of course...LOL!)  

Admittedly I sat at the edge of the clearing rather than in woods at my regular spot since the nest vicinity is totally blocked and has been for quite some time.  Besides, at the edge of the clearing, I can hear everything going on....the single chirp of the adult upon my arrival, the deer snorting, stomping and blowing at me non-stop for twenty minutes, and the rustling of the brush around me as well as all the birds beginning their day. 

Here's a quick pic of the chick (aka eaglet) branching (climbing out on a branch adjacent to the nest) where it can stretch it's wings and become acclimated to it's outstanding incredible eyesight.  It's down will gradually be replaced with feathers for that important day...fledging. 

It will fledge between 11-12 weeks old, which is when the adults will teach it how to fly, navigate the trees and obstacles, soar, ride thermals and most importantly...HUNT and survive.  

Oh, just a few more things to say today...

may it be a safe and fun one for you!!

And did I tell you I came across bear scat poop?  Yes, indeed...twice now and the most recent was right on the path I use to walk in.  So, don't laugh about me carrying pruners.  They may just come in handy!!

Oh and then I spotted this hen taking a walk down memory lane so I did too. 

After all, today is my anniversary!


MadSnapper said…
Happy Anniversary and your present to you was alone time with the eaglet. glad he bear did not appear while you were sitting there. i don't think pruners is the correct weapon of choice for bears. but then i might be wrong for the first time in my life...
jabblog said…
Happy Anniversary:-)

What a beautiful part of the world to live in and it's clear you really appreciate it.
eileeninmd said…
Hello Happy Anniversary! Also, wishing you a happy and safe 4th of July.
Sandi said…
Bears! Oh my.

"bear scat poop" ...I read this first as bear seat poop. I paused for a long time to wonder what that meant!
Betty said…
Happy Anniversary! Be careful in those woods. You would't want to run into a bear with her cubs. The baby eagles are so big and helpless. They grow so fast. Look forward to pictures of her/him soaring.
Ann said…
Happy 4th and anniversary. Sounds like a great way to start the day off especially since you didn't need to use those pruners on a bear
Happy Anniversary---such a wonderful group of pics and you looked stunning.

How great it is to see the eaglet. The bear poop would have me in the house quite a bit. Are they brown or black?


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