Out The Window

At my house, a lot happens in twelve hours.

It began in the early morning mist.  The doe and her fawn browsing along the fence so peacefully, licking each other tenderly.  But, I stopped focusing on them and focused on my coffee.  

 Then, I wondered what the fawn was looking at.  Following it's line of sight, I found...

Mom trimming my Hostas and sampling some of the other perennials on the wall.  

And I had been blaming the damage sloppy garden work on these critters because they're here in the morning too.

"It's a good thing we come back at dusk.  She knows how important follow-up is," said Fluffy to Muffy.

But Muffy was quick to add, "She really needs to plant the things WE LIKE. After all, twelve hours doesn't give us much time to fill our bellies  destroy her plants get the job done."

"Ahhhh...a nice sand bath to exfoliate the skin is great after dinner," thought Muffy.

just saying and sharing

Who has time for watching the neighbors when all this is going on right Out The Window?


Ann said…
Well I didn't realize you had hired a gardener. Nice of you to take on a single mother and provide day care for her while she's working...lol
MadSnapper said…
i would love to have bunnies outside my window... what a view
As Elmer Fudd would say, "Why, you wascally wabbit!" :-)
Sandi said…
So sweet! I'd say seeing this is a good trade for some flower petals.
Fluffy and Muffy are just soo adorable! Love the one scratching their ear. Have a wonderful week ahead :)
Betty said…
I love the view out your window. To save your plants maybe you should just start feeding them on a regular basis.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, love the bunnies and the pretty deer. Great captures.
I am just catching up after being away in Florida. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

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