Peer Pressure

Last week when my son had a few days off, the Pres and I took a ride to his house. The plan was that I was going to watch my grand daughter while my son and hubby began making the peers for the pergola that they plan on building (Really?, said I).    

The men worked their butts off, while I portrayed "a little girl who idolizes the supermodel" (played by my granddaughter of course).

What an imagination that girl has!!  Spending time with my her is such a "trip" because...

 once she walked down the imaginary isle (the hallway, of course) throwing rose petals (her rolled up socks) and waving and blowing kisses to the imaginary crowd, she took her place on stage (a small chair strategically placed near the entrance to the family room), grabbed her microphone (battery operated) and said, something like:

"Hi...I'm Supermodel Mia and I'd like to welcome you to my show.  Thank you all for coming and after the show, there will be refreshments served by that little girl that adores me."    And then, opening the slider, she announced, "oh, my workers are doing such a great job out there, aren't they?"

I thought I was going to pee my pants and  keel over with laughter when she referred to her Dad and the Pres as "her workers"!!!  Of course, neither of the "workers" batted an eye.  Then, the next thing I knew we were watching "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel and I was being reassured how safe shark cages are.

Anyway, the project resumes later this week. This is what "the workers" accomplished in  a day and a half:

just saying and sharing...


Ginny Hartzler said…
That is a lot of work they got done! She has such an imagination, she has every detail right! And you were her captive audience. Or should I say NOT captive, but adoring.
Nice job on the pergola and you certainly were entertained by Mia, JP.
Empty Nester said…
It looks like they're doing a great job! Spending time with a granddaughter is never dull, is it? I will find out soon enough as my first grand (a girl) is due any day now! :)
Your granddaughter sounds like a sweet little one who is going to keep you giggling for years to come! Love it!

Lady Fi said…
Kids have such great imaginations! Love the pergola.
Ann said…
It's nice to hear about kids with fabulous imaginations. It seems these days too many kids are sitting in front of a tv or a computer.
The workers got a lot done. It looks great
MadSnapper said…
looks like a nice pagoda in the making and a lot of work was done by Mia's Workers. he he he and i love her imagination..

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