Spotted....Peeking At Me

When I stopped to take a few shots at a nearby dairy farm, I spotted (pardon the pun) this gal peeking at me.

just seeing, saying and sharing

with you and those at


Betty said…
You live in such a great area. Lot of scenic places with critters, birds, etc. I'm envious.
MadSnapper said…
i would never leave the spot if a spotted cow was peeking at me... LOVE THIS
Susie said…
JP, Love her earrings. :):) I can see little black cows roaming around with their moms across the beans field out front. They travel a skinny pasture strip along the water ditch. Blessings, hope you are stay cool. xoxo,Susie
Ann said…
I love cows.
Kathe W. said…
marvelous photo!
I love her earrings! :-)!!

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