Summer Is Family Time

It seems that the rabbits really loved all the herbaceous growth we left them this year.  Using it for cover when we came out of the house, I soon discovered that once I was inside, they played in the yard as if it was theirs!  But then I thought, Why not?...Summer is family time.

(Please note the pretty Pansies, which are no longer available for viewing...thanks to these cute, adorable, frisky, rabbits.  Yes, the Pansies, most of the leaves on the Hostas, and all the Johnny Jump-Ups were trimmed rather nicely,  I might add.) 

There is, however, a great substitute for the Pansies, which you'll find out about soon enough and after all, Summer is for families.

Another day, while outside with the dogs, I spotted this big, beautiful doe, who knew that we were there.  I saw it and her fawn.  She saw me.  They saw Copper.

 However, Copper must have also known that Summer is family time, because he did not even look up at them.  (Now that is the behavior of an aging dog!)

I love my dogs.  You KNOW I love my dogs.  However, when I saw this going on, I just could not stop saying to the boy, "Don't worry Copper, I'll protect us from that big doe."

Oh and then, look at the size differential between "birds of a feather" that don't flock together.  Remembering that Summer is family time, I simply fell in love with these faces also enjoying Summer...:)

Finally, back to the bunnies...those frisky, rascally rabbits who filled themselves with all my pretty yellow and orange pansies...look what they gave me.  

After all, I told you Summer is for family time...:)

This one was hunkering down in grass that was about 3 inches tall.  It remained motionless well after I walked away.

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