The Old Natives

Getting an early start one morning before the sun heated up the day, was our plan.

Since I had eaten long before the Pres got up, I headed outside taking my weed eater from the garage with me.

Moments later, the Pres, cranking up his heavier weed eater,  joined me.  We knocked out the entire yard's perimeter and area in the woods in less than an hour, leaving the herbaceous growth that we intentionally leave.

Nor do we disturb the milkweed growing in the woods.   

saying and sharing...




MadSnapper said…
that milkweed makes for many butterflies. i tried to comment on the bunny's and no comment thingy.. i love that baby bunny, i said oooh and ohhhhhhhh out loud. he is just adorable. i rather have the bunnies and deer than flowers.. just please don't put Alva outside. LOL
Your up early this morning.. its a good time to garden.
Wishing you a pleasant happy Sunday JP..
Val x
eileeninmd said…
Good morning, I was wondering if the comment thingy was lost. I wished we had some milkweed growing here, I tried planting some. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!
Susie said…
JP, So glad you saved the's good for butterflies. Which we need more of, I think :):) Blessings to you and your hubby, you hard workers. xoxo, Susie
Kathe W. said…
Good job! We leave the milkweed also!
I knew nothing about milkweed. It was growing rampant around the lakehouse. I asked on my blog how to get rid of this invasive plant. Oh my! How little I knew. I still have it in abundance and have brought it home to my city house!

Rambling Woods said…
Yes we need to plant natives... Michelle
Lady Fi said…
Well done. The yard looks great.
Nice work!

I find one of our weedeaters to be so feeble, I end up using the giant lawn scissors a lot, instead.

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