The Work Around

I'll be the first to admit that although I like things done my way, I have learned that it isn't always the traditional or conventional way.  While my former boss always taught me to think "out of the box," create "a work round," and "take baby steps", she also taught me "take a different approach."  She also taught great way to move heavy furniture using a throw rug....LOL!   However, my dilemma the day I explored the lake above the dam did not call for a throw rug.   It called for ingenuity.

Arriving at the lake mid-morning, it was a perfect day for kayaking and pulling the kayak up the hill about 50 yds and across the knoll was a piece of cake now that my wheels don't go flat.   Getting down the steep dry bank was a tad hairy but I made it.  It was now time to return the wheels to the car.  I was ready to hit the water and explore the beautiful lake above the dam.  

Spotting a family of Mallards was my first attraction as I followed them here and there until they decided they didn't want to play anymore and simply remain in the plant overhang at the water's edge. 

Then I watched an adult Eagle with an immature. It appeared to be teaching it to fish until an Osprey entered the picture. ( pix...too busy watching.)

 So then things quieted down after the three raptors disappeared over the distant hills, until a huge Blue Heron flew over. Missing the shot of the Heron, my eyes found another familiar face. 

Beyond him was a family of Swans! Such beautiful creatures, although I knew to keep my distance.

Yes, it had been a beautiful morning...totally being entertained by Mother Nature. However, realizing that it was well after twelve and that I'd been on the lake for hours, it was time to head home. 

After paddling rapidly to get on shore and pulling the kayak up out of the water, I grabbed most of my gear to bring down to the car. Moments later, I was back at the water's edge placing the wheels under the rear of the kayak.  Yes, the ratchet strap was secure and I was ready to pull the kayak up the dry, dirt, steep path that led to the knoll.  Here is a brief rendition of the conversation I had with myself:

Hmmm? This is a lot harder than I thought. This darn hill is very steep that I keep slipping...I keep loosing my footing and can't hold my ground...I'll try walking up sideways...nope, that doesn't work either..$^&@#(*&% How the heck am I going to get the kayak up this 20' steep bank???   Suddenly "P-Dot's" face entered my mind and with her little grin her words filled my head about approaching things from different angles.  I know what I'll do...I'll drop the nose of the kayak in the dirt and push it from behind.  Holy moosepoops this thing is heavy.  Good thing I took most of the stuff out!  Whew!  Made it!

So, that's what I did. I am not sure why I was able to push the darn thing up the steep bank instead of pulling it up. Perhaps it was "P-Dot's" smile and reassurance that she always gave me.  I don't know but for some reason I did not lose my footing...not once. For some unknown reason I was able to maintain traction the whole way up!

Yes, I am going back. I have always been good at work arounds regardless of the size of the hill.  Yes, I am known for taking the road less traveled however always got the job done!

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