Think NEW

If you remember, the Pres and my son built a pergola at my son's house. (sorry for the dark was really quite late when they finished that day).

Well, while the Pres was there and I was playing with my grand daughter, I overheard a conversation about what it would take to expand their smaller deck off the family room.   I smelled another project in the works even before the Pres talked about it on the way home.  

So a week later when my son was off, the Pres hit the road solo so they could finish the pergola, dig the holes for the peers for the deck expansion and pour the concrete. 

Except, when the Pres and my son began to examine what was there and how it was affixed to the house, the Pres told my son, "This is could collapse any time."

No additional info was needed and they were off to the lumber yard for new pressure treated lumber.

Forget expanding.

Think NEW.

And so they did.  A beautiful 10' x 12' deck, staircase (my hubby is a whiz a stairs!!!!) and railing.

Just saying and sharing...

Do you know how many people get injured from decks improperly attached or poorly constructed?  A lot.  We just watched something about collapsing decks on TV the other day.


Better to be safe and the new deck looks great, JP.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I like the pergola and the new deck. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
Susie said…
JP. it's wonderful that your husband is so good at building stuff. So glad it's all new too. People seem to think those decks last for ever. they can last a mighty long time if put in right. No nails...screws are best, they grip. I have helped Ted put in decks before. I love that back yard area, so nice. Blessings and kudos to your Pres. xoxo, Susie
MadSnapper said…
this is really beautiful.. your hubby is a bonafide handy man... i have seen the decks and porches and balconies falling with people on them. happens a lot. this one looks sturdy
Inger said…
Better safe than sorry and that's a really nice deck.
Ann said…
lucky to have such a handy man in the family. That deck looks beautiful and I love the area at the bottom of the steps too
FAB said…
Super job. Gold star to the Pres.

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