Time To Notice

Walking along the upper stonewall the other day, I saw a pair of damselflies.  So I turned off the soaker hose and took the time to watch.  The female was laying eggs...:)

All the young ones seem to be out and about this time of the year.

the Hazelnut trees are loaded ...and I mean loaded,
(hoping the Pres gets to them before the squirrels...:)

the tomato plants we potted are coming along very nicely,

the young Phoebes are out and about sharing the fences and feeders with the young Grosbeaks.

The dry, hot weather we've been having (like everyone else according to TWC), has limited physical activities for many including me.   So, putting a positive spin on this heat and humidity...take the time to notice what's within your grasp. 

just seeing, saying and sharing

with you and those at

Natures Notes

Yep...she is...:)


simply bev said…
Your plants are so green and healthy looking! It's also been crazy hot here and keeping my plants watered so they don't wilt away has been more important this year than ever. Too hot!
MadSnapper said…
woo hoo baby squirrels are on the way.... yum on the maters and i stood and watched two lizards mating for about 5 minutes, i got tired of watching and left them to it. no pics taken
Your words are very true, we do need to stop and look around us more.
Your squirrel is stunning. Have a wonderful week :)
Ann said…
Lots going on in your parts. I wish my tomato plants were doing as well as yours
Rambling Woods said…
Yes lots going on and it is like a mini nature tour every time we take a walk in the yard.... Cute Mama to be squirrel. My late friend who was a wildlie rehabber loved tree squirrels and said they are great mothers....Michelle

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