Captured...The Humidity

Realizing that I needed a sky shot for today, I stepped outside on the deck and took a few photos.  After wiping the lens, what I got was the same in both the Eastern and Western sky.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Captured...The Humidity

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Beautiful and magic photos!
Susie said…
JP, That is a lot of humidity. This morning our weatherman said the humidity was already 96 percent at 7:00 . It's been stifling here today. I am so ready to turn the AC off and open the windows again...aren't you? My lens fogged up when I took my butterfly shot. I like to take pictures but have to keep the lens clear. :):) Blessings for some cooler days soon. xoxo, Susie
Bee Lady said…
Looks like it might rain any minute! It has been so humid here too. And in the 90's. Ugh! I've stayed inside all afternoon.

Cindy Bee
Ann said…
The heat and the humidity was the topic of the day here today. It was really bad but I would tell everyone I'll take this over freezing any day.
Same way to get around it with our cameras.

Lady Fi said…
I can see and feel that humidity! Great shots.
MadSnapper said…
I wish I could capture our humidity and send it elsewhere. We are over it
Nina said…
Wow ~ That is very humid! But at the same time it creates an fairytale-like effect~ beautiful! that is a lot of humidity! Get the fans out. Turn on the air. Relax. Tomorrow will be another day. Great pictures, by the way. Made me feel like sweating. Oh yeah, girls don't sweat. ROFL! We sparkle!!!!!

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