Case Closed (aka Cold Case)

Waking up in the middle of the night Thursday, I got up and peed. Now I don't know about you, but I do not wear my glasses for such circumstances, nor do I turn on the bathroom light.   

Falling asleep thinking that my pee seemed awfully dark, before I knew it, daybreak arrived. Then, in the morning, again, I peed. Only this time, with the light on, I noticed that what was in the bowl was... red tinged???  Uh-oh!  

And it continued to be that way all day long.  Now try to understand, I drink a lot of water every day (and always have)...about 72 ounces,so, as you can imagine, I pee quite a bit throughout the day.    

Anyway, going into day two, I was still peeing red tinged urine (and my you know what" came out that way too!). No pain. No discomfort. No burning.  Nothing out of the ordinary other than me being a tad more observant before I pressed the lever to flush. Once again, it continued throughout all of day two.  Hmmmmmm?

Day three.  After lunch and eating my big salad, I once again headed to the bathroom to pee...still peeing reddish tinged urine.  Hmmmmmm?  Heading to the refrigerator to get my stainless steel 24 oz bottle of water, I spotted something.  Yep..there they were!, sitting right in front of me...each time I opened the refrigerator door. 

Logic kicked in...good old logic...what goes in must come out. What had I eaten lately that was out of the norm?  

Although I'd been eating a lot of them the past few days, it just didn't sink in.   You see this time of the year, I crave them and bought two big bunches.  

Guess WHEN.  On Thursday, of course...cooked them up, added Bermuda onion and some white vinegar...eating them twice a day ever since!

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Case Closed
(aka Cold Case)

Beets & Urine Discoloration | - Livestrong › article › 410714-...
Apr 16, 2015 - If you've eaten beets recently, chances are your red urine is because of that.

If, however, you haven't eaten beets, discovering red or pink urine warrants an immediate call to your doctor. The presence of red blood cells in your urine can cause it to look red and can be caused by kidney or renal system problems.


Terra said…
Case closed in a successful manner and the culprits were in the refrigerator.
MadSnapper said…
I will make my pee story short and to the point. i laughed all the way through this because i knew where you were going from the photo at the bottom... we had salmon patties last night. when i peed during the night in the dark i thought woo does that stink, when we got up i yelled down the hall, does your pee smell like salmon? YES was the yelled answer. what goes i comes out, smell or color.... seems we both have good kidneys. i drink that much water to and bob drinks more
MadSnapper said…
did you know not drinking enough water causes insomnia?
MadSnapper said…
yet another thought... can you imagine what the women on the wagon trains thought when they had beets the night before????
Sandi said…
Haha! What a funny thing, but scary if you don't know. Thanks for the info!

Flamin' Hot Cheetos cause a similar effect. Fyi...!
Felicia said…
cute story but worth remembering
Ann said…
Well I'm glad you were able to solve the mystery

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