Hold On To Your Bulbs

While the dogs and I love watching the antics of all the critters we have here at the edge of the woods, some of the behaviors are misconstrued.  

For instance,

Did you know that Chipmunks emit different types of warnings?

A high pitched shrill .....means danger on the ground and is a signal to other critters.

A change in pitch and their shrill can mean mean danger from above in the case of nearby raptors and other birds of prey.

Most active in the early morning and late afternoon, the majority of their time is spent on the ground, although they can climb trees.  Did you also know that when they remove dirt to build their tunnels, they move it from the openings so it is not visible to predators?  Smart little buggers, right?

While the stripes on their bodies are a form of camouflage, the chipmunk is the smallest member of the squirrel family.   It's speed is by far it's greatest defense though as it is always watching...always on alert.  


The Eastern Chipmunk is the one that lives in my neck of the woods, although there are over twenty varieties.  Did you know that?

Did you also know that the little rascals mate twice a year and produce 2-6 young with each litter?  Did you know that CT is experiencing a "chipmunk explosion'?  It's all because we had a mild Winter along with an abundance of acorns and maple seeds.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Hold On To Your Bulbs

with you and those at 

Now if the facts didn't make you smile, this last photo might just do it for you.
  Is this Chipmunk biting his toenails????



Ann said…
Interesting chipmunk facts. I didn't know most of that. They sure are cute and fun to watch
Gayle said…
This is what we know here.
Chipmunks are not protected by federal law, but are protected by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Pennsylvania law allows landowners to take chipmunks when they are causing or about to cause damage to property. (AKA Lucy).
[truth be known, I enjoy watching them]
E. Beth. said…
hey, chick-a-dee! long time no see. hope you are well. i was thinking bout you today and i found ya. glad to see ya still blogging. google, keeps changing stuff. never a dull moment for me. i see a snake below. you are trying to get me to scream, huh? listening to the Commodores while i type. big big hugs. any news you could pass on to me? ( ;
MadSnapper said…
I have never seen one and these are even cuter than squirrels. I hope we don't have an explosion at squirrels and I know an explosion of chipmunks is not a good thing but they sure are cute. I did not know any of these things and now I do and thanks for making me smile and I hope they don't explode too much on your property.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, the chippers are cute little critters. Great post and photos. I do think they are the culprits of our car wires being chewed. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!
Bee Lady said…
We have a lot of those little critters around our house and they are so cute to watch. They can be destructive for their size! I enjoyed all of your fun facts on them.

Cindy Bee
Summer said…
Nice learning about chipmunks ♥ Happy Monday ♥

simply bev said…
I love chipmunks! I know some people think they are pests, but not me. They're so cute!
Susie said…
JP, Those chipmunks are so destructive . They make me crazy around here. We have caught over 20 in our life trap and hauled them to the woods down the road...I tease my husband about it being the very same one. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Betty said…
I wish we had chipmunks here. I guess they don't like the heat and humidity, but we do have their cousins the squirrels. I remember watching them at my uncle's place in MA. They were quite entertaining. Could you ship a few down here?
Interesting to read and I like your photo's

All the best Jan
Rambling Woods said…
No I didn't know most of that and I have only seen one here twice...maybe that is why I still have the bulbs...Michelle
Sally Wessely said…
I did not know any of this. Thanks for helping me learn something new.
Terra said…
Chipmunks are so cute. This is my first visit to your blog; my post today is about a possum that visits us.
They fatten up on the seeds I put in the backyard in D.C.

Another chipmunk fact: the birds are VERY wary of them, even birds much bigger than they are give way when chippie is at the seed plate.
Lady Fi said…
Aren't chipmunks clever! And that last shot is adorable.
Thanks for all the chipmonk info, JP. I have seen auite a few of these little critters, but am never quick enough to get a photo. And, not sure exactly what the one in yiur last photo is doing...sharpening his nails?
Your chipmunk images are adorable. Great facts. I think I could forgive such a cute critter stealing my bulbs!
Have a wonderful week :)

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