Mouse In The House

Well, although it’s hard to imagine, the mouse that was in the garage a while back had friends.  You do remember how painstakingly difficult it was to eradicate it, right?…all those traps we bought and set…well apparently, that furry rodent, that the Pres assured me was “alone and the only one”, had friends.  (I mean really, does he think I live in la-la land???)  Anyway…

It all began one clear, sunny, breezy day when I was outside with the dogs.  Deciding that it would be a great day to air out their condos (aka doghouses), I proceeded to pull out their beds and hang them over the railing…you know, just to air them out.  I mean if I do it for quilts and spreads, that’s the least I can do for my two favorite companions, right?

I worked on Copper’s house first, then walked around the deck to get Moon’s.  Funny thing though, as I walked around toward the door of her house, I stopped dead in my tracks and began observing what she was doing and the way she was acting.  Deciding to hold off on removing her bed from the inside of the house, I just watched.

Moon, who has always excelled at hunting and been “spot on”, continued to sniff every nook and cranny, under, around, inside and out while I just stood back and watched.  I knew that the Shepherd-Husky who was dumped in the woods left to starve and fend for herself, would tell me just where it was.   After that nose went to work, it wasn't long and she was standing on hind legs, sniffing the roof intently tail held almost motionless. 

Sure enough, as I lifted the roof, there it was.  Scurrying across the foam insulation toward the back and disappearing between the sheets of foam insulation and the exterior, it vanished.  Suddenly, “Good girl…don’t you worry, Mommy will get the mouse out of your house,” came out of my mouth and my mission began.

The entire afternoon was spent setting a trap after I’d pulled out her bed, all the insulation and the moving blankets draped over the insulation.  After literally gutting the house, I set the trap.  And it worked!  The next morning, another rodent was vacated…evicted…removed.  However, the following day, as I drove down the gravel road to head to the gym, I hit my brakes suddenly to avoid hitting…a mouse of all things.

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Mouse in the House
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MadSnapper said…
So is this a cute mouse with the big ears? Or was it like ours and a big tree right that's half the size of a cat. The dogs know we have had to rat killer dogs. I did not stop for a mouse in the road but this morning I did stop for a frog in the road
Susie said…
JP, That was one brave or very stupid mouse. I can not believe a mouse would be in a dog's house. Nasty things. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Ann said…
When I was growing up we used to get mice in the house all the time. As far as I know I've never had one in this house

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