My New Neighbors

Well this post is a tad late folks HOWEVER, there is good reason.

You all know how we've been fighting the on-going battle of those damn darn invasive species...Multiflora Rose, Japanese Barberry and Oriental Bittersweet.  The Pres, in fact, just did a second pass on the ATV with an recommended herbicide.  The stuff is dying.  I have pix to prove it.  So, it is working but it is and will be an ongoing battle and a long one at that.

Last week, I received an invitation for a cookout that was to take place last night.  Telling the Pres that we were going and that I was bringing "a dessert," I began pondering what to bring.  But that is another story...

Anyway, the main reason for our friend's cookout was to have a few close friends over to meet the Otis and Millie! 

So, like any good neighbor and friend, I did my homework:

Did you know that goats will eat Multiflora Rose, Japanese Barberry, and Oriental Bittersweet?

They will.

Did you know that goats will eat Poison Ivy?

They will.

Take a peek at one of the sites enclosed...amazing!!!

Then while we were there, one of the other guests began telling me about two friends of his.  Both have goats.  One has just purchased a portable fencing unit that can be moved as the goats graze!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

My New Neighbors

with you and those at


Ann said…
So does this mean you'll be having the goats over for dinner on a regular basis? I've heard they'll eat just about anything
betty-NZ said…
What lovely neighbors! At least they won't be playing loud music! The look like so much fun to have around. Good on you for doing your homework ;)
Lady Fi said…
Those goats are adorable!
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) Goats are great at lawn mowing, and eating unwanted plants in your garden. I like the shot of them being bottle fed for the time being, but it maybe a good idea to buy one.:)
MadSnapper said…
when are you getting your goats???? can't wait to see pics of them and the new portable fence... but be sure they don't eat the ones hubby herbicided... your new neighbors are LOVELY
Otis and Millie are adorable.
Can I hear the sound of little hooves and bleats of more young goats on the horizon!
Have a wonderful Tuesday :)
Very interesting. By gosh, how do the goats survive after eating poison ivy? I do think they are cute little guys although I confuse them with lambs.


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