Peeking Through The Bushes

Oh good gravy, I didn't prepare a post for today


digging through some of the pix from vacation, I found a few feathered friends (Coots, Egrets, Shore Birds, Herons, White Cheeked Pin-tails, and my favorite, the Pelican) that I can share with you today.

Peeking through the bushes

at the Bird Sanctuary while in Aruba this past Spring

I found all sorts of birds. 

I LOVE Pelicans and sit and watch them for hours...:)


So just about every morning, either before or after my walk, I would begin...

peeking through the bushes

just seeing, saying and sharing

Peeking Through The Bushes

with you and those at


eileeninmd said…
Hello, what a great variety of birds. I love the heron and bittern and the pelicans. Peeking through the bushes is fun.
Sandi said…
I imagined Aruba as all beach! But, a marsh? Birds? Lovely.
You have captured some amazing images peeking through the bushes!
MadSnapper said…
I can barely type because I am trying to get over the shock that you would find bird photos in your vacation pics. Haha I love the Pelican and I love that Egret reflection really beautiful
Adam Jones said…
A nice selection of Herons.

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