So, Where's My Kids?

Nearly every day, since my neighbor got her goats, I've been stopping by to visit.  Oh, not to visit my visit "the kids."

 As I come through the woods and round the corner to begin walking across the yard toward their pen, I say shout out...

"Where's my kids?"

Usually, I hear them bleat which gets louder once I come into plain sight.  However, the other day, there was no need for me to visit.  The had company.  The flock of wild turkeys tiptoed quickly into the woods as I approached. 

Between us, 
I plan on calling them "kids" FOREVER...:)

I try to bring them a snack or two.  As of now, they really seem to like the leaves from the Bittersweet that I pull off as I trek through the woods.

Millie, that little rascal, climbed onto my back the last time I was there.  I sit on one of their boulders and Otis always...and I always...begins nibbling on my shorts, shoes or shirt.  Millie goes for the hair!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

So, Where's My Kids

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What fun! And a perfect reminder of why I sometimes like some people's "kids" better than the people! :-)
Ann said…
They are too cute. I would visit them often too
What a wonderful way to spend some time.
Have a happy new week :)
MadSnapper said…
I am fighting my envy right now, Jealous to the bone.. I want to pet those KIDS
betty-NZ said…
What a great surprise seeing the turkeys. The 'kids' look quite well adjusted.

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