Summer...A Full Course Meal

Personally I didn't spot him right away either when I gazed out the window that morning.

Not until it moved...

The blooming rabbits are having a field day in our grass. And it appears that the appetizers and dessert are coming from my gardens.

Nearly every day in the early morning or early evening hours, they rabbits appear.

Dashing and darting around the yard, stopping occasionally to grab a snack.

Watching and taking pix of the rabbits that hang out in the back... up above the stonewall, I walked over to the window in the great room to check on the dogs.

And there they were...more flipping rabbits.

And where were the dogs?  

Moon was keeping an eye on Copper.
And Copper was...sniffing vegetation!

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Summer...A Full Course Meal

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Gayle said…
It's a dog's life, sigh.
eileeninmd said…
I love the cute bunnies, they are welcome to come eat our grass. It may be too hot for Moon and Copper to chase bunnies. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!
MadSnapper said…
i can't believe Copper and Moon were ignoring the rabbits.. they are really cute little gluttons, love their sweet ears, I can do that because they are not eating my leaves and plants
We've been having visits from rabbits regularly in the late afternoon. Thus far, they've stuck to the clover in the yard. Silly pups, I guess they think of the rabbits as friends since they're there so much.
Lady Fi said…
What sweet shots.
Ah ... lovely bunnies!

All the best Jan
Ann said…
The price you pay for having a beautiful yard. Around here my yard is just too darn ugly for the rabbits to hang out at for snack
gld said…
I was wondering where those dogs were while reading this one.

Our last dog would actually lay within a few feet of one and do nothing. I began to wonder if he could smell!
Sweet little bunnies!

I had a couple of sightings around here in D.C. earlier, but nothing in the last several weeks.

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