The Perfect Card....A Story

Last month, I bought the perfect birthday card for my daughter. It said all those wonderful things you always want to say, mean to say yet quite often don't say.

Anyway, five days before her birthday, I hurriedly addressed the card, placed a stamp on it.  Deciding to run to Home Depot to buy a gift card for her, I inserted it in the envelope and dropped it in the "outgoing mail" slot at the Post Office.

However, her birthday came and went and five days after her birthday, I finally asked why she hadn't said anything about the perfect card. Much to my surprise, she told me she never got it!   So when I hung up from speaking with my daughter, I scooted to Home Depot with my receipt.  

Asking them to "cancel" that original card and issue a replacement was apparently too much to ask.  HOLY MOOSE-POOPS!  It was as if I was asking them to build the Brooklyn Bridge all over again!!  What a fiasco!!! And do you want to know WHY it was such a fiasco?

BECAUSE NOT ONE PERSON IN THE STORE KNEW HOW!  IN FACT, AT FIRST THEY TOLD ME, IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE TO DO AT ALL...are you ready?...SINCE ALL THE DIGITS DO NOT PRINT ON THE RECEIPT AND THAT THERE IS NO WAY TO OBTAIN THEM.  FUMING, it was then that I said, "The transaction has to be recorded on your daily transaction journal. You have to have a record of it.  You do have an electronic journal, correct?"  

Looking bewildered, finally a gal behind Customer Service called the HELP DESK.  After standing and waiting for two hours at Customer Service, I was told that the only one who could obtain the information from their tapes (all digits of the card) since only the last four print on your receipt was the bookkeeper.   Exasperated and exhausted, "Alright.  I'll wait for the bookkeeper."

Then I was told that she was off that day but they would leave instructions for her first thing Monday morning when she returned.   This was on a Friday, by the way.

The following day, when the Pres brought in the mail, there was the perfect card. It had been returned because in my haste, I had addressed it incorrectly and was deemed undeliverable. Thank goodness! The quandary was over. 

Now, call Home Depot (since it was only Saturday) I said to myself. So I did. Speaking to a sweetheart at the Customer Service Desk, she assured me she would get the message to the bookkeeper before Monday morning.  

Assuring my daughter that her gift card inside the perfect card was now valid, I moved on from the incident.

Two weeks later...SURPRISE...a delivery from UPS...addressed to me.


a REPLACEMENT GIFT CARD affixed to a letter telling me THE ORIGINAL GIFT CARD HAS BEEN CANCELLED thanks to "the bookkeeper".

Now I cannot, after this experience, give the Customer Service Department a good rating on the survey they asked me to complete, right?

just seeing, saying and sharing...


Ann said…
That's just typical of how things
eileeninmd said…
Good morning, happy belated birthday to your daughter.

Oh my, this is how things go sometimes. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
juust when one wants tobe perfect, they go wrong!!Have a great weekend.
Certainly a run around, but glad your daughter got the "perfect card" and also will get her gift card. JP.
Empty Nester said…
Hahahahahaha! Oh, goodness! This sounds like the thing that happens to the husband on a regular basis. And no, you really can't give the customer service a good review. Good grief.
Betty said…
I would never have known to even go to the store to try and cancel the missing gift card. Oh dear, I've often sent them through the mail. Quite a story!

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