The Puzzle Is Done

Remember those shots of the Pres' hazelnut trees I showed you a while back?

Well, let me try to explain how proud the Pres is of his "nuts." 

He beams when he sees the clusters beginning to form in the Spring, swears that he'll "get them before anything else gets 'em" and tells me that he's "going to keep an eye on 'em."

Bear in mind that when I suggested that we "net the nuts," it was deemed a crazy, senseless idea and a waste of time.

I will not tell you what I thought when he laughed and scoffed at my idea, however what I will tell you is that...

It is here in the post that you should begin laughing out loud...laugh hard...really hard...and really loud too...

Because the other night, as I cleaned up after supper, I noticed that a few branches in the largest of his nut trees were moving. was not the wind as you can see the wind chime is perfectly still, right?

Do you see what is balancing on the lower branches?  "Honey, you might want to go outside, " I said.

"For what?"  I'm watching the news and doing my puzzle."

"Well, Hon the squirrels are all over your nuts."

"Really?  Hmmmm...there are plenty.  I'm not worried."

Sure enough, as cleaned up, I watched the raid occur.  And let me tell you they had a ball!!  Fixated on their actions, I couldn't help but smile through the whole process...LOL!!

Dangling and grabbing just about every single cluster, each squirrel would hit the ground, climb the fence and vanish into the woods.  The pair worked right up until dusk.

And me?  I'm still laughing...:) because as of this writing, there are two nuts left on the tree.

And the Pres?  Well, his puzzle is finished...and so are his nuts.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

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Gayle said…
Well, the pieces to that puzzle fell right in place and I'm falling down laughing. Sorry Pres.
MadSnapper said…
I am a laughing and laughing hard, I distinctly remember another post that warned of this coming event... hardy har har and can you sing the country song "I told you sooooooo"
Your post made me giggle. Your poor husband!
I've had the same problems with my blueberries, pesky pigeon.
Once those little critters, fluffy or feathered, know their feast is ripe for the picking, there's no stopping them!
Have a wonderful weekend :)
Susie said…
When is the Pres. going to acknowledge that you had a good idea about netting the tree. LOL. You can not out wit those things, like birds, squirrels and other nut/berry thieves. It's like their inner clocks know when things are ripe for the picking. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Sandi said…
How do you net them?
Empty Nester said…
Bahahahahahaha! I'm dying! I was expecting funny but not spit my water out of my nose funny! :)
Stewart M said…
Funny! We had fruit trees in a house we used to live in and we used to lose most of the fruit to bats!! Not funny!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Lady Fi said…
Ha ha! Love that squirrel.
Ann said…
oh this is just too good. Best laugh I've had in a long time
eileeninmd said…
Oh my, there must be a way to protect the nuts. Funny story.
Those darn squirrels, they always get want they want.

Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

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