We Need Rain

The lakes are lower than normal.  It's been a tad dicey navigating in such shallow waters.  However, ever since Wednesday, we're getting some long overdue precip.

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We Need Rain

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Gayle said…
Pretty reflection of the duck ballet. Our lakes are A LOT lower than normal. And much needed rain arrived here this week as well.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, pretty sky reflection! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
MadSnapper said…
We have needed rain all summer and then this past week we got about 7 inches and it came two inches a day so it was perfect wishing the same for you
Hope you lots of rain soon. Lovely reflection shots. have a wondeful weekend.
Anonymous said…
love the duck ballet! and cool abstract reflections in the wood
Lovely photo's.
May you get rain in just the perfect amount soon!

All the best Jan
We've had a really wet summer. My farrier was just saying it's the greenest he can ever remember for august.
James said…
Excellent photos!!!
Ann said…
What a pretty picture. We've had a little rain lately but not nearly enough to replenish our seriously low water levels. They've had a water ban on for most of the summer
Dragonstar said…
Nice textures and reflections.
RobertN said…
Beautiful post.

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