Are You Stella?

Also in the midst of the move, one morning...

while Moon and Copper took their regular positions near the patio, I continued to walk around the yard looking for "residue." Looking up at the Dahlias, I noticed that one was facing down rather than standing tall and erect like all the other blooms.  

That's when I saw her.  There she was sitting near the edge of the fence under the Dahlias. Being thin, she had apparently snuck though the fence posts and decided to watch the dogs and I that morning.


While both dogs were totally unaware of her presence, I approached, leaning in to scratch her head. She loved it so much I knew she must have belong to someone.

The dogs must have finally gotten her scent because as they came running up the hill, she vanished through the fence and into the woods. It was then that I decided to put the dogs in, give them their breakfast and walk down the gravel road. I had seen signs for someone who lost a cat recently. The sign said to call Sam and that he'd lost his cat, Stella. Jotting down the number, I grew hopeful.  Perhaps this was it.  

 When I got back to house, I let the dogs out into the back yard, got some dog kibble and went out through the garage.  Without hesitation, I found myself saying "here kitty, kitty" over and over.  Sure enough, she came running from the back woods, jumped up on the stonewall where I'd placed the dried dog food.

She seemed more interested in affection and attention that the dog kibble.  Eating two or three pieces, she was then distracted by the dogs.

She nuzzled, rubbed, rolled over seemingly loving the attention until Moon and Copper became jealous and started barking at her. Then she jumped down off the wall, deciding to seek safety back in the woods vanishing almost immediately.

That was the last I saw of her.

Calling the number, I left a voicemail leaving my home and cell number. No one ever called me back. Calling the number a second time that night, I was happy when a real person answered. It was the man who'd placed the posters up. 

He said this wasn't his cat (although the neighbors and I still think it is the spitting image of the cat on the poster). He did tell me that his cat has a distinctive mark on its nose and if I spotted it to give him a call. Sam didn't sound hopeful.  However, I hope he finds Stella and I hope this one finds it's way home too...:)

 just seeing, saying and sharing...

Are You Stella?

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jabblog said…
It's so sad to see a lost pet - they miss the affection and attention they're used to.
Sweet kitty. I hope it has or finds a home soon. Winter is coming.
Susie said…
JP, I feel sorry for lost pets. Once my daughter brought a black cat in and asked to keep it. I told her it belonged to someone because it was well fed and clean. We had that cat for a couple weeks then it left and Lizzy cried. I told her it spent a vacation with us then went back to it's family. :)Bless you for trying to find the owner. xoxo, Susie
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I hope the kitty finds it's way home. sounds like a nice friendly kitty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!
sandyland said…
must feel good on back
carol l mckenna said…
Oh what a cutie ~ great shot!

Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^
Terra said…
Poor kitty, I hope she finds her way home soon or is adopted. We have a half tame half wild cat visiting our yard, not as friendly as your visitor.
I hope this little one continues to find safety and the kindness of people like you until she finds her way home!
Ann said…
The trouble with cats is it's hard to tell if they are lost, homeless or just out wandering around exploring. If this one is looking for a home tell it to head to Pennsylvania. It can come live with me :)
Poor guy. I hope the real Stella turns up.

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