Artificials Arranged

I saw this idea on Facebook a few weeks ago.

All you need is:

a bushel/half bushel basket
an artificial pumpkin
artificial dried leaves 
a few old gourds
a small strand of LED lights

Cute, right?
Besides, it cast a nice basket of shadows...:)

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Artificials Arranged

with you and those at


MadSnapper said…
I like it and this would work if you used Christmas garland and a few Christmas pics and things.. a lighted Christmas basket...
21 Wits said…
It's really a fun idea!
diane said…
I love it. I love LED lights anyway, anytime.
Have a wonderful crisp Sunday!
diane @ thoughts&shots
NanaDiana said…
VERY cute idea!!! Love it- simple, easy and impressive! xo Diana
Betty said…
Adorable, but where would I get a bushel basket? I haven't seen one in ages.
Ann said…
I think I have just about everything to do something like this. I have different kinds of baskets but this might look good on my coffee table

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