Beauty and the Beast

Although "it" isn't the most attractive creature, "it" (aka the Beast) was totally attracted to the blooms on the Butterfly Bush (Beauty).

just seeng, saying and sharing

Beauty and the Beast

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MadSnapper said…
cool shot.. good to see you back
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) Well captured! They are amazing little creatures.
Ann said…
yeah, he's not too cute but that's a cool picture
Susie said…
JP, I have missed you. Hope you and your sweetie are doing well and enjoying the autumn weather. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
NCSue said…
Marvelous shot!
Thanks for linking up at
Yikes...What the heck is it????

eileeninmd said…
Hello, great capture? Is it the Hummingbird moth? I missed your post, I hope all is well. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
What an amazing capture.
Have a great week :)
Lady Fi said…
Wow - amazing shot!
cedarmerefarm said…
It flies like a hummingbird, but it doesn't look like a hummingbird. Is it a hummingbird moth? Great photo.

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