Doggone It

Working on my gardens and trying to catch up before colder temps set in, I really didn't pay attention to just what she was doing...or where she was doing it for that matter. All I can say is that when I stepped onto the deck to take a breather after cutting back nearly everything in the garden beds, she greeted me with this guilty look and a very, very dirty face.

Normally Moon is very clean.
She hates to get her paws dirty. 
She hates getting het feet wet.
She will not walk through puddles if they can be avoided.  She hates not being clean as much as she hates having her paws touched. 

And I just let her be the "free spirit" that she is.

Whatever she was into, I never came across it.  And Copper was not in on it.  She worked alone.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Doggone It

with you and those at

However, before you go, take a peek at what I found hiding out in the Dahlias.

 And watching me watch the critters...who else but the pesky crows?


Did she let you wash her face?
Susie said…
JP, Well Copper looks clean and sweet. LOL. I do not mind a spider in a web away form the house. but they tend to give me the creeps. I feel my scalp prickling when I see them. Hope you can get done there before the cold sets in. Tomorrow will be 80 here, then back down to normal next week. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
diane said…
Oh my! The look on her face is priceless.....guilty of something for sure.
Great shot of the creepy spider.
Happy weekend!
diane @ thoughts&shots

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