Good Kids

Stepping out of the woods and into the clearing, I let them know I'm on my way by clanking the pail handle.  "Where's my kids?," I shout.  

Moments later the silence is broken and I hear them in the distance as I round the bend in the driveway.  It is then that I can get a good picture of them (if I have zoomer with me).

Pressing their noses up against the fence, they get my scent and wait near the door.

Once inside their pen, they jump up on me so there isn't much time for me to put down their pail of greens.  

Clipping their favorite greens...the most tender shoots...I find on my walk over, through the woods, I fill the pail to it's brim.

They really love snips of Oriental Bittersweet the best and I'm trying to get rid of it, so they are doing me a favor...:)

Before heading home, I usually play follow the leader with them.  I'm trying to teach them to follow me...just in case they ever get out.  My neighbor has 45 acres.  She's heard coyotes lately and so has the Pres, which concerns both my neighbor and myself.  I also wonder how they'll fare over the Winter.  Do you know?

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Good Kids

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I have no experience with goats. I just know they're cute as a button.
Susie said…
JP, The goats are so cute. I never like looking at their eyes...too creepy to me. But I like to watch their jumping and frolicking. My neighbor boarded his grands' goats for a while. I would feed them our busted up pumpkins and old apples and potato peelings. I fed them any thing plant like...never any dairy or meat. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
NanaDiana said…
I don't know how they will fare outside. My girlfriend raises them in MN but they have a small barn they go in and spend their winter time in there. Don't you just love your 'kids'? xo Diana
Felicia said…
such cute little kids
They are precious! I hope they are safe over the winter.

Ann said…
I don't know anything about goats so can't answer your question. Hope those coyotes keep their distance
MadSnapper said…
I do know they need shelter from wind/rain/ice and snow. hope they have a barn or pole barn of some kind. they are adorable and good to teach them to follow you for just in case.. predators will be hungry in the winter.
diane said…
Well, they are two of the cutest kids I've seen in a while :-)
Hopefully they fare well during the winter.
diane @ thoughts&shots

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