Just Around The Corner

Sighing deeply when the pink skies greeted me that morning, I knew it would be another beautiful day.  Yet, it was when I spotted the Red-tail soaring above the dogs and I that my focus changed.  Then, hearing the high pitched, loud chirps of the Eagle announcing it's presence as the Red-tail flew toward the nest vicinity made me realize that Winter is just around the corner.  

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Just Around The Corner

with you and those at

Skywatch Friday

Oh, one more thing.
  This week we had our first FREEZE...:)
and a wet snowfall yesterday...:)


NanaDiana said…
Beautiful imagery and word imagery, too. Winter is not far off here either. I, for one, am NOT looking forward to the COLD! xo Diana
Mary Hone said…
I love morning light, and to add some birds...that's perfect.
I'm afraid winter IS right around the corner. Rats!
Susan Kane said…
This year at our new house, we will have spectacular views of whatever weather we get!
Ann said…
What a nice shot. The wintery looking skies we've had recently have let us know that it's not far off
Felicia said…
beautiful morning sky.
Beautiful post and pictures!


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