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Well, I finally did it. Ever since I began observing Eagles, I told myself that I need to learn...and I mean really learn...how to use my cameras. Sure, like many others, I glanced through the manuals. However, I never took the time to put things into everyday use. I always relied on auto mode, then zoomed in or out depending on my subject.

So, when I saw a Photowalk being offered at one of the nearby forests, I made myself sign up. Registering four days before the class was scheduled, I was concerned that since the class was limited to fifteen participants, I would not be able to join in. Needless to say, when I received the confirmation email I was elated.  Another adventure!

For the entire three mile hike, the instructor, a renowned Massachusetts photographer who has had his images published in Sports Illustrated and the Wall Street Journal, let us ask questions freely. The majority of the participants were also novices making me feel comfortable and those that were "intermediate", we're so helpful to us "newbies."

 It was the first time in four years that my camera was not in auto mode. I'll admit it was challenging to say the least. However, I am now determined to learn to use my camera and all it's settings!!  

And, while I did not get great photos of many feathered friends on this excursion, yesterday was only the beginning. I have already registered for his next class taking place at a lake in the far Northeastern corner of CT where we will focus on "night photography."

just seeing, saying and sharing...

M Stands For...
Manual Mode

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Gayle said…
Great to hear of your new adventure. I have come to love both auto and manual settings and the challenge of making the choices.
M is for manual .... who knew?
A great post. I think your photos are wonderful.

I never shot in Auto. I don't think I knew how to! lol! Seriously. I had a small Canon and I had good settings and that was a stepping stone to the Rebel. I so wish I could have taken a class as my sister in law had, or followed up with savvy friends who offered to help. I find it so difficult to learn by reading, I like 'hands on'. Still...practice is what it's all about and you sound like you had a great experience. Good for you!

MadSnapper said…
after I finally learned manual mode my camera died and I wish I had replaced it with another DSLR but I did not. that reflection photos is just plain Awesome... what a fun way to learn your camera.
Oh, this is exactly what I need to do! Good luck to you and I know you'll love the results you'll be able to get.
Betty said…
I've always thought you took very good pictures in auto mode! One time you told me what kind of camera you use. Could you tell me again and this time I'll write it down. Are the trees really that beautiful right now? Oh, I'd love to be there and experience a northeast Fall one more time!
Ann said…
Good for you. That sounds like fun. I started learning to use my camera and can use the manual mode. I normally just put it on auto though. It's quick and easy and I'm lazy most of the time...lol

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