Men On A Mission (Part 2)

So, needless to say, once the Pres and Luke got home Friday night with the flatbed trailer carrying the old red Dodge Diesel, it was late and I was already out like a light.  It wasn't until the following morning when I heard Luke's truck coming up the gravel road that I even knew what they planned for the day.

However, knowing that I'd have two hungry guys, I began cooking and baking.  

Once the Pres got up and they got started, I'd wander outside once in a while to see how things where going.  It sure didn't look pretty...oil all over the engine.  It was early on in the process, while the Pres was in the garage getting tools, that Luke leaned closer and whispered "We may be talking a new engine here, Sweetheart."

And so it began.  Two super knowledgeable men bound and determined to fix THAT truck before Monday...the last day off of my daughter's vacation that she had set aside for the move.  

Oh, and did I tell you that during the move she had a sinus infection, an abscessed tooth that had to be pulled, tore off the toenail of her large toe and fell twisting her arm in a steel cable?  Hmmmm...I knew I forgot to tell you something!!

 After several hours, lunch and zucchini bread, one more call was made.

I was then told they were going to the parts store AGAIN to get...



Apparently, when the casing on the housing blew, it blew in one entire chunk...not in smithereens.

These two were able to glue it back into place, let it set for 24 hours and the truck has been working like a charm ever since.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Men on A Mission (Part 2)


Ann said…
Wow, how lucky is that to be able to fix the truck with glue. Sounds like your daughter had a really rough week.

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