Mother Nature's Pain

Last week, Moon was just not herself.  Her symptoms came on suddenly.  She was mopey (not her jolly old self )...even her tail didn't wag much.  She was not chatty and although she ate, it wasn't her normal portion.  She was very quiet and wanted to stay that way. Two days passed and Friday I called the Vet, making an appointment for Monday morning.

Saturday and Sunday she seemed better.  A talkative breed, Huskies howl more than bark.  She was once again wagging and talkative with her standard "WooWooWoo."

 (You do know that Huskies are all about freedom and conversation, right?  We are cut from the same mold I think.)

Anyway, Monday morning came and although she was behaving like normal again, I didn't want to cancel the appointment.

After the Pres and I came back from the Cardiologist for another follow-up (another story), we got ourselves and Moon ready.  She hates going to the Vet...I mean really hates it.  Fortunately my dogs are healthy, so they only go for their annual check-ups.  Unfortunately, they associate the Vet with needles...their vaccinations.  To make things worse, this time we waited a little longer for "the Doc," which just makes her pace and whimper more as if to say, "Mom, I want OUT...NOW."

As happy as I was to tell the Vet that she was "WooWooWoooing," and back to her old self, we did discuss pain management for both Copper's and Moon's arthritis.  "There is nothing wrong with her...blood panel came back great, ears great, teeth great...other than the arthritis," said my Vet.  

It was during the conversation with the Vet that the "lightbulb" went off.  We had had heavy rain here last Thursday and Friday...uh-duh!  Never did I even think about the dogs' aches and pains during the barometric changes!!  What a dummy!  

So, this is just a reminder for all of you pet owners, while you may give your pet vitamin supplements or even joint supplements such as Cosequin DS, remember that Mother Nature and her weather patterns affect your pet just as they affect you.  High humidity and low barometric pressure can reek havoc on your pet.  There are links, upon links when you search Google for arthritis in dogs.  Help them feel better.  They deserve it. 

Oh and while I'm at it, watch out for these things to.  By killing a lot of the invasives around here, we seemed to have reduced the tick population tremendously this Summer. However, lately (now that it's getting chilly) I have taken a few off the kids when I perform my routine "tick check" on them. 

This one was wandering on Coppers white paw so it was easily seen.  Please don't think ill of me when I tell you that I put the tick in the bathroom sink, sprayed it with bug killer and was glad to see it shrivel up and die.  I hate them.

However, in all fairness to them, as a living creature, I Googled "ticks."  There is no definitive proof of their importance in the Ecosystem so I'm glad I eliminated it.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Mother Nature's Pain

with you and those at

One more thing.
  It isn't Moon and Copper's faces that are dirty and streaked.
  It's my windows...:(


Ann said…
Glad Moon is ok, other than feeling the effects of aging. I do not blame you one bit for your treatment of the tick.
Terra said…
Ticks spread dangerous diseases to people so it was good riddance to it. Clever of you to finally figure out Moon's reaction to the rainy weather; did you tell the vet?
Gayle said…
Glad the 'Moon' is shining brightly again.
As for ticks---good riddance. The RG checks, checks, and rechecks after each excursion to the state park. In our area, it's always a relief to identify a tick as a non deer tick (big carriers of lyme's diseas) but they all go to their reward no matter what.
Susie said…
Glad your dogs are doing okay. That is sad JP about Moon not being himself. I hate when animals and kids hurt and can't tell us. My husband says to keep tick population down...always keep the underbrush mowed down. I worry about him and my Son-in-law cutting wood at times. Blessings to all of you, hope you and Pres are well. xoxo, Susie
NanaDiana said…
Poor Moon. I know that our pets suffer just like humans when weather changes. I swear we had a dog that was affected with SADD--she would mope when there was no sunshine and be bright and happy when it was sunny.

I hate ticks, too. They are heavily associated with Lyme Disease in this area. I always checked the kids when they come in from the woods or camping. xo Diana
Katie Mansfield said…
I'm so glad you pup is feeling better. Thanks for this tip. Our cat is getting up there so I'll keep an eye for this with him.
DebbieM said…
Happy to hear your pup us ok! Ticks are awful and you gave it what it deserves. Luckily, no ticks this year thus far for my girl.
I didn't notice any streaks...just their happy faces.
MadSnapper said…
poor Moon, I can relate with the arthritis thing. Jake has it to and I have a bottle of pain pills for if I notice he needs it. I rarely use them but they work almost instantly when I do.. we fight ticks with the pills he takes for flea/ticks and heartworms. in Florida we have all 3 and year round.
Glad to hear it was just the weather affecting Moons arthritis. It's sad to see them getting older.
I HATE ticks!! Boy can they move fast when they want to.
Have a great week :)
Glad to read that Moon is feeling better. I also don't like damp and rainy days, so we have that in common.
gld said…
Tell Moon I feel her pain....literally.

Beautiful header picture.
Rambling Woods said…
Awww...poor Moon and Copper...I hope their pain can be controlled... I understand the weather and how it can affect my symptoms and pain....Michelle

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