Relief...A Story

It all began the day I went kayaking on the river.  It was a new approach to get to one of my favorite lakes.

As I got closer to the lake, I heard the geese heading in my direction.

Flying directly overhead, groups of Canadian Geese would round the bend one after another.

Preoccupied by the Geese, I nearly missed the Heron wading in the nearby mashes.

Did you know that a group of geese is called a skein, team or a wedge unless they are flying close together, then they are referred to as a plump?   How cute is that?

Wonderful? Yes.

Breathtakingly beautiful? Yes.

However, after reaching the lake I realized how long I'd been gone and that I was running on empty.  Paddling up river heading back with a 20-25 mph wind working against me, I began to feel like I'd gone too I overdid it as I had already consumed all the food and water that I'd brought so all I could do was focus. 

It was rough, but I finally made it remembering to bear left at the downed Willow. The only problem now was that I had to pee...badly.  

So, after I climbed out of the kayak and dissembled my paddles and gear, I looked for some tall, thick bushes and squatted.  

Ahhhh...relief at last!  Sure there were a few prickly pinches but the relief was totally worth it.  

Then before I could get my shorts up, I heard noises.  Holy crap, someone was coming down the gravel launch!  Hurriedly, I finished pulling up my drawers and pulled my shirt over my shorts hoping to cover anything that was still exposed.  It was all good.  Whew...close call, I thought.  

After chatting briefly with the gentleman and my gear was all loaded and I was ready to hit the road. 

When I got home and told the Pres about my adventure while I was stuffing my face (note to self:  bring more food), he said, "Hon, lay down and take a nap.  You look exhausted and you're just GETTING over a bad cold. Tell me the rest when you wake up."

As nice as that sounds, while lying on the couch with the blanket over my head, I kept feeling something pinching me.  However I was so whipped that I drifted off before I could worry about it. It wasn't until I woke up and headed to the bathroom to pee.

Yes indeed..a stick was in my underwear! Apparently, that's what was pinching my butt when I relieved myself in the bushes.

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Relief...A Story

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Ann said…
Thankfully it was only a stick that pinched you and not something else.
Oh, this made me laugh. I would have lost track of how far I went while surrounded with beauty like that. Rest now there are more adventures ahead. Hug B
Gayle said…
Yikes - watch out for ticks. Oh and BTW that other guy wasn't fooled for one minute---haha.
There's nothing like a quick trip to the bush to build anxiety in a girl.
Ah, the joys of outdoor living. Glad you're out and about, but take care of yourself.
NanaDiana said…
LOL- Sorry- but that is kinda funny! Nothing like the experience of going in the bush, is there? However, you are not supposed to take part of the bush with you. lol

Hope you have a great week and make sure to check for ticks before you squat! lol xo Diana
Lady Fi said…
Funny story! And what gorgeous shots.
Rambling Woods said…
JP, I don't understand your comment. Of course I know I am lucky but maybe I didn't express it properly. I am fuzzy headed with fever. The flue shot always gives me pretty nasty symptoms for a few days.. Should feel better by day after tomorrow...Michelle
Andrea said…
I can imagine the experience of seeing those geese above you on the river! But when i read and saw the last photo, it got me really laughing. I can relate to that too! So lesson is, have a complete change after coming home from the wild before going to bed. Who knows it could be a stinging beetle, ant or a baby snake, hahaha!
A nice little momento of your close call!
Lovely photos. What a wonderful relaxing way to enjoy the wildlife.
Have a great week :)
Anni said…
What a thrill that would be...first to go kayaking, then to have the geese fly directly overhead. Fantastic images, and great narrative of your experience.

I'm a bit late visiting this week, but I wanted to send along my thanks for sharing this with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Hope your day is a happy one.
"The ol' stick in the underwear trick...nature's own alarm clock!"

- MacGyver
Breathtaking said…
Hello!:) When your caught short like that, it's not funny, but it reads funny,:)) thanks for the smiles, and your beautiful photos.
Rambling Woods said…
Ha Ha...I find seeds in my hair, down my shirt and in my socks... But now there yet... Lovely to be able to get out and just forget the world and all the problems...Michelle
Sandi said…
Just be thankful it wasn't some kind of creature!
betty-NZ said…
What A great adventure! Love your photos and the fact that you brought a bit of nature home with you!

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