Another Project and Subtle Shadows

Although not as busy as he was when they first moved in, the Pres completed the catwalks for my daughter and her honey a week or so ago.  Although it wasn't really what I expected when he told me he was building them a catwalk, I figured he was the builder and would step to the plate with a solution for them.

And he did.  

I would occasionally go out to his garage just to check on him and progress was definitely being made.  Screwing and sawing away, he and his tools continued to buzz for most of that morning.
However, after I finished my chores, I decided to pay him another visit. Greeted with, "Hon, give me a hand moving this one outside...they're kind of heavy so be careful." After lifting my end of the darn thing, I just had to open my big mouth and ask...

"Hey, Honey, when you go there on Friday, who is going to lift these up into the attic hatch? They really are heavy, you know!"  

(Psst...Let me interject here and say that the hatchway to their attic is located in the sun-room which has a cathedral ceiling. So we're talking at least 12' off the floor.)

Coming from a man with a plan, his answer was as quick as it usually is, "Well, I'm going to climb the ladder,get into the attic hatchway and one of the kids is going to lean this against the wall.  When I give the word, she (meaning my daughter) will lift it up to me."

"Really?, I exclaimed.  Do you think that's doable?  They weigh a ton!"

The Pres, aka Muscles, answered with a resounding, " problem."

Well, although I wasn't there that day because I was home with the dogs, it really didn't go quite as simply as he expected.  However, they got all the eight foot catwalks in place and the plywood secured on top. It is more than wide enough to walk on and sturdy as could be.  Now they (my daughter and her Honey) are ready to blow in their insulation.
Choo-Choo Tuna's Cute Catwalk

One more thing.  When I was telling a friend of mine at the gym about the catwalks my honey built, she said, "How nice of him to build catwalks for their cat."  She thought these were being placed on the roof edge so the cat can enjoy the view of the bay!!  How cute was that??

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Ann said…
You mean they aren't for the cat? Aw darn, poor
MadSnapper said…
I thought he was building something for the cats to until I got to the last few sentences... glad they got them up in the attic. I did wonder why they were going in the attic, but then I have seen people do stranger things for their pets
Susie said…
JP, To be honest I was wondering why the Pres made the catwalk so sturdy for cats...Ted made little shelves along Emma's bedroom wall for her cat. It just steps up the floating shelves to a corner platform. LOL. So your kids are going to walk the catwalk to haul insulation to the attic. :) I have been thinking of you and Pres. Hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings to you both.xoxo, Susie
Actually, I was thinking it was for the cats as know...a run around at the top of the room for them to play on,.
Terra said…
My first thought was a playground for cats. Choo choo tuna is a cute name for that kittie.
Oh, heck, I thought it was for the cats too!! Sorry. But good job by the Pres.
Stewart M said…
They may not be for the cat - but I assume that they will be used by the cat!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
gld said…
What a super idea! and, no, I didn't think it was for cats. I did wonder if it was something for the outside roof peak. I read too many books.

Have a super Sunday!
Jeannie Marie said…
Yes I was one looking for the picture of the cat on the catwalks. They seemed perfect for a cat to balance on.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, cute story on the catwalks. I am glad all turned out OK. Even for Choo-Choo Tuna. I like that kitty's name.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

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