On Fire

From our great room, the most beautiful sunsets can be seen.  However, this time of the year, when the sky ignites, it sets everything on fire.

just seeing, saying and sharing

On Fire

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MadSnapper said…
It truly does look like fire all that beauty right outside your door amazing and you don't even have to go outside to see it
You certainly have a lovely view and somehow the end of day seems more colorful in late fall. Thanks for sharing, JP.
DebbieM said…
Just breathtaking!
Debbie said…
ooooh it's so beautiful, what a great view!!!!
NanaDiana said…
OMGOSH! That is spectacular!!!! xo Diana
Ann said…
very pretty. It really does look like the trees are on fire
Wow, intense!! Really does look like fire.
Agreed. That sunset does look like it is on fire. Yikes! Have a great week-end.

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