Remember This?

When we went to the follow-up appointment, I had a feeling.  Call it intuition, but I just felt like something had been out of whack and today was the day we would find out about it. 

When the nurse called the Pres in, I asked him if he wanted me to go in with him and he said yes.  So, while his vitals were taken and EKG done, I sat in the corner quietly watching and listening.  When the Pres said to the nurse in his almost cavalier tone, "How does everything look?", she replied, "The doctor will read the EKG and give you the results." I knew by her tone that something was amiss.

Then, it was during the Cardiologist visit itself that we heard the following words..."I heard something...your heartbeat is irregular...beating an extra beat every other beat...and see something on the EKG.  I want to get further clarification on it and I'm also increasing your cholesterol medication."

Taken aback by that bit of news, as I remained quiet in the chair across from the doctor, the Pres said, "Why are my numbers bad?"

"You have coronary artery disease" was the doctor's reply.

So that was last week and this week, the Pres had to wear a heart monitor.  No big deal.  A lot of people have to wear them to get clarification of their test or exam results.   So then we waited.  However, somehow, I didn't think we'll be going back in six months.  I thought it will be sooner.  Five days later when I got home from the gym, the Pres had something to tell me, "Hon, I went to renew my CDL this morning...I flunked."

"Because?" I said before I began stuffing my mouth as usual.

"Irregular heartbeat."

Waiting to hear from the Cardiologist for the next step was stressful.  However, when he called the other morning and I answered the phone, he said, "Is this the Eagle queen?"  He always knows how to get me to relax which was evident by the boisterous laughter on my part followed by our more serious conversation.

Bottom line is this.
Yes, he has CAD and the irregularity in his rhythm is something known as PVCs (premature ventricular contractions).  No special instructions other than an increase to his cholesterol meds.  The following day, the Pres wanted to go to BJs....he wanted to stop at KFC first...swear to goodness!

A few days later, I went kayaking.

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Remember This?

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MadSnapper said…
totally awesome view in the rear view mirror. YES, I do believe the KFC thing. prayers for your husband and for your sanity trying to rein him in.. bob had a heart attack in 02 and 2 stints, and in 07 open heart with 3 bi-pass surgery, he is still going strong and still eating friend chicken and cookies and anything he wants. Just sayin. he says her rather eat like he wants as long as he lives.. I gave up. good luck
Ann said…
That sounds like a typical male which is probably going to mean that you'll be needing a whole lot of kayaking trips. With winter getting close though I guess it'll have to be some other kind of stress reliever.
Hope he can follow doctors orders and work on lowering that cholesterol.
Susie said…
JP, Praying for the Pres and you. There may be life changes in, exercises ( although I think your man exercise ) Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie
Barb said…
Only he can make the changes he must. You are a supporting player and a good one. Take care of yourself, too.
NanaDiana said…
So scary when you are sitting there with one shoe on the examination floor and are waiting for the other one to drop. We sat in those chairs a year ago for the cancer diagnosis. There is no easy way to get bad news, is there? Sounds like the pres is gonna be okay...just watch him (he won't watch himself you know) and be proactive if you need to be

God bless-praying for better heart health ahead. xo Diana
Lady Fi said…
Glad to hear that Pres's heart condition can be sorted out! And wonderful shot.

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