Yes, as you know, they can come in all shapes and sizes.  To me, the best rewards are those you don't expect...those you don't wait for...those times when getting something in return is the farthest thing from your mind...those that totally take you off guard, right?

It was just another day.  I'd gone to the gym, returned home, changed into comfy jeans and even taken the dogs outside for a little afternoon sunshine.  Walking around the yard with them, I decided that after I finished picking up their "residue," I would pay the goats a visit.  After all, it had rained heavily the day before and the weekend had just passed so they would appreciate a visit from "Auntie."

Monday I had gone to TSC (Tractor Supply Company) intentionally in search of something to give "the goat kids."  Someone had suggested I give them sweet feed but since I hadn't checked with the owner, so until I do that, I decided against it.  However, a bag on the shelf directly above the sweet feed caught my eye.  Reading the label on the back of the bag, I thought, how could I go wrong with something called Goat Treats?  

As usual, after trekking through the woods, I was focused on "the kids" when I came out into the open and like always, announced my presence shouting where's my kids?  Their heads went up and then they climbed on the boulders peering over the fence in my direction.  Then jumping down off the rocks, they pressed their noses against the fence to get my scent and before you knew it I was ready to go into their pen.

Well, all I can say is this...

have you ever been jumped by a couple of goats?  They loved the handfuls of  licorice flavored pellets I gave them.  Butting and pushing each other out of the way, they scoffed up every last pellet, then rewarded me with nuzzles on the nose...something I was not expecting!

Latching the gate behind me I headed back toward the woods listening to their subdued bellowing.  However, as I approached the trail home, I spotted something there in the distance.  It was watching me.  It was one of my adult Eagles!  Although I couldn't get the lens cap off the camera fast enough, I did observe it keeping it's eye on me before it spread it's wings and was air-born.

just seeing, saying and sharing...


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MadSnapper said…
Your Watcher was watching you, maybe a tad jealous over so much attention and fun with the goats. wish I had been there to
Ann said…
Maybe the eagle was wondering why you didn't get any eagle
Goats are very good at nuzzling! And even potentially knocking you over in their excitement. :) It's always a wonderful thing to catch sight of a beautiful bird.
Bee Lady said…
I visited a friend w goats one time and one of their goats fell in love with me. Kept rubbing against me and almost knocked me down. It was love at first sight! We have not seen our eagles since August. Can't figure out where they went and we sure do miss them.

Cindy Bee
NanaDiana said…
What a wonderful, wonderful story. Don't you just love goats? My girlfriend raises pygmy goats and I don't think I have ever seen a cuter animal.
Hope you have an equally rewarding day today- xo Diana
Susie said…
JP, that sounds like you had fun with the goats and getting to see your eagle. I some times miss my neighbor's goats...well I miss feeding them all the veggie peelings. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

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