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While on the phone with my daughter late Friday morning, I watched it land in the tree and I couldn't get to the camera quick enough because when I got back to the window, it was gone. Then, when I got home Saturday after yet another adventure in the woods, the Pres said, "Hon, you missed a nice hawk earlier. It was right on the branch." 

Tired from trekking through the woods for three hours, "What branch?  What tree?", I responded in a sarcastic tone.

Now to understand the direction in which he was pointing, I took a few pix...just to show you why I responded with, "What branch? What tree?"  

Yep.  He pointed at THAT corner, expecting me to determine what tree he was referring to!!

Anyway fast forward to Sunday and while I was outside clipping down the last of the perennials, it showed up again in the same vicinity...same corner of the yard. Grabbing zoomer (and leaving it in Auto Mode to get a few quick shots, I watched it sit rotating its head every which way before it took off.

When I later told the Pres I'd gotten pix of the hawk, he said, "Told you he was in that tree."

just seeing, saying and sharing...

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Oh.....THAT tree! Men are so very helpful with their descriptions....great shots.
MadSnapper said…
so very much like our conversations, HE pointed up into our giant avocado tree and said see that big one? they are all alike.. glad you got to see the hawk in THAT Tree
Susie said…
JP, I had to laugh at what your husband said. So funny. You did get a good shot of the hawk. I love it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Ann said…
Yep, clearly he's in that Glad you were able to spot him
bj said…
glad you got a good pic of it...
Anni said…
Now that is what I call having fun doing some Autumn gardening!!!

The woods [your first photo] is so pretty!! And of course, your hawk images are outstanding!!

I'm really sorry it's taken me over a week to come visit with you from I'd Rather B Birdin'. This past week we lost a dear friend, and sister in law and I've not felt up to being on the internet at all. Hope you understand.

Thanks for sharing this lovely bird post with us!!

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